26 thoughts on “De Saturday Papers

    1. gerry

      and the identity of Banksy has been known longer. Robin Gunninghman – the name Banksy comes from Robbin’ Banks. Goldie referred to him as “Rob” in an interview which could be short for Robin.

      1. Boomskidaboom

        Didn’t Robert del Naja already come out and state he is not Banksy, after the Goldie interview?

  1. chuffed@memes

    Speaking of Banksy, I got a text message from my son a couple of hours ago.
    He’s 18yrs old and into music like Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, etc.
    (My son. We’re not talking about Banksy anymore. Pay attention.)
    So anyway, I’m going to read out the message…

    ‘i listened to loveless by my bloody valentine im very ashamed that i didn’t like this the first time you tried to show me’

    My son has become a MAN

    I couldn’t help sharing it.
    I hope all your weekends will be as good as mine already is.

      1. chuffed@memes

        I have grandchildren. Please don’t call me a Lord again. It doesn’t sound right.

      1. rainbows, everywhere@memes

        A proper sense of judgement is prior to any compunction towards punctuation.
        Stop trying to wreck me buzz.

        If you haven’t got an 18yr old kid who just fell in love with Loveless you wouldn’t understand, even if I could explain it to you.
        Some people will get it..
        (BTW, are you over 18? My lawyer said I should ask before I make my next move.)

      1. rainbows, everywhere@memes

        Get a grip…
        Nobody who doesn’t live in a one-room bedsit with only a two-bar electric heater in Winter for a friend needs to listen to Leonard Cohen.

        – Except the French.
        (It’s not racist if it’s true. )

          1. Lush

            Oh goodness, you are so right.
            It’s in the genes here; they can’t help themselves.

    1. martco

      not rugby fan but looked to me like all the Irish lads put in the shift & rest of them were patchy, O’Mahony & Murray surely keep their places for the next go

  2. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Leo: “diversity not just about picking women”

    That’s right, Leo. It’s about picking white middleclass gays between the ages of 30 and 45.

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