Civil Partnership


UK Prime Minister Theresa May greets Arlene Foster, leader of the DUP, on Downing Street this morning

The DUP’s 10 MPs will back the Tories in key Commons votes, starting with the Queen’s Speech later this week, but there will be no formal coalition.

The talks focused on financial support for Northern Ireland and Brexit.

The DUP has claimed the UK government has agreed to improve the treatment of military veterans in Northern Ireland as part of the agreement but played down reports that it had sought £2bn in extra funding for Northern Ireland in return for their support.


Conservatives agree pact with DUP to support May government (BBC)

Pic: PA


DUP and the Conservative party have agreed to:

Keeping the triple lock for pensions

Keeping winter fuel payments for all pensioners

Keeping defence spending at 2% of GDP

Extending the armed forces covenant to Northern Ireland

There is also a financial package worth £1bn over two years. There will also be “new flexibilities” in terms of how £500m already committed to Northern Ireland can be spent.

£1bn Tory/DUP deal will retain pensions lock and winter fuel payments – Politics live (Guardian)

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7 thoughts on “Civil Partnership

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I had to look that one up. Why was that in the deal when British Armed Forces are already well taken care of – especially via the Poppy Fund?

  1. Kolmo

    I get a shiver up my spine when I see the DUP near any centre of power…there are a lot of biblical odd balls amongst their number….really unsettling.

  2. Eoin

    You couldn’t make it up! I find myself saying that about something I’ve seen happen nearly every day now.

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