Wigs On The Green


Independent Alliance TD Shane Ross



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7 thoughts on “Wigs On The Green

  1. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Whingers crying about the separation of powers and here they are leaning on the Taoiseach. Couldn’t CJ Denham (past retirement age, no comment by MSM) just write a stiff letter to the Irish Times Letter’s Page? As a Gageby I am sure it would be considered for publication purely on its rhetorical merits and without fear or favour.

  2. Pat Harding

    Anyone with a brain knows that being appointed a judge has often little to with brains or talent. It’s about playing up to the ‘right people’ on the Bar Council and kissing the arse of other Judges and Benchers on the Law Library cocktail circuit (book launches, CPD talks, dinings and benching in King’s Inns. It involves having ‘someone’ put in a good word for you, preferably an existing Judge, Bar Council member or bencher.

    So not surprisingly the members of the inner circle don’t want the mechanics of the system changed….after all how would their sons, relatives and friends on the bench in the future?

    1. phil

      yup, its OK though, we know what humans are like, once this is explained it will be grand again

  3. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    He’s got his cop shop re-opened for the constituents. So that’s his job done then.


  4. Gay Tea Shop

    Chief Justice Gageby and her FF/FG cronies obviously planking that the cosy little arrangement for friends and family coming to an end. And that Sinn Fein might get to appoint a judge.

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