Reverse Logic


More as we get it.

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26 thoughts on “Reverse Logic

  1. Zadien

    Lads and lassies, this is 3 hours after it all started. Regardless of who’s right and wrong this video evidence is being portrayed with a propagandist style fantasy.

        1. Anomanomanom

          What video did you watch, I seen a minute or so of video. No video showing she could have left anytime, unless your saying this little clip was the complete protest

  2. Mel

    It seems strange that a minor has already been found guilty of the offence of false imprisonment in relation to this incident thus setting precedent for the trail of the adult defendants whose fate is still under deliberation.

    Is there a method by which the previous guilty verdict can be overturned if the evidence presented in this trial secures a not guilty verdict. The judge’s threshold for conviction was set quite high in that she stipulated false imprisonment had to be total. This video evidence seems to put that question to bed.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      Spot on Mel. The 17 year old was told if he stays out of trouble for nine months he won’t have a criminal record.
      The establishment need to save face but it’s to late. They’ve taken on the wrong crowd at the wrong time.
      FREE THE BOYS!!!

    2. scottser

      it is nothing short of absurd to suggest a charge of kidnapping with that amount of gardai present. if those protesters are found guilty then will we see 30-odd gardai facing disciplinary action of doing nothing while a crime is committed within eyesight?

    1. Anomanomanom

      Garda state what? State its a Thursday, state its raining, what exactly did the garda state.

  3. The Old Boy

    The question in this element of the defence is whether it was reasonable to reverse – I’m no expert on angry mobs, but I imagine that reversing through one could seriously risk the safety of anyone foolish enough to try and get behind the vehicle, and in the circumstances it was likely, or at least foreseeable that someone would have attempted it.

  4. Owen

    The question to the jury is simple, and two fold.

    1. Do you hate Irish Water and/or water charges? Yes / No
    2. Do you like Paul Murphy? Yes / No.

    Yes to both = Innocent
    No to both = Guilty
    Yes and No = You’ve lived with Paul Murphy or knew him well in the past
    No and Yes = You’re destined to die alone

    Job done.

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