9 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Mr. Camomile Tea

    A shocking indictment of the lack of integrated design thinking that blights almost every public project this country attempts.
    The problems which the new Luas tracks create for cycling have been raised since the project’s inception, and the potential dangers have been highlighted throughout the construction process where dozens upon dozens of cyclists have been injured through falls along the haphazard obstacle course that has been the construction site.
    The most troubling aspect of all this is the worrying parallels with Edinburgh’s new tram lines where years of complaints and reports about the dangers the tracks posed to cyclists were ultimately ignored, culminating in the death of a cyclist earlier this year who fell off her bike and was struck by a minibus which was travelling behind her.

  2. gerry

    Instead of signs telling cyclists not to fall off it would good to have road marking showing safe routes across tracks. there are areas where there are multiple tracks including both curved and straight sections where changing lanes is very hazardous. There will be serious injuries and deaths if road markings are not added.

  3. Ci├║nCainteach

    This notice isn’t particularly helpful, and a little misleading. The Luas tracks are exceptionally slippery, even during dry weather.

  4. SB

    Why can’t they fill the track with removeable rubber or something else that will support the weight of a cyclist but compresses for a Luas?

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