Earlier: “You’re Not The Victim Here’

Previously: It’s Been A Privilege

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11 thoughts on “Not Again?

  1. Daisy Chainsaw

    RTE have to keep our blueshirt overlords sweet if they want that precious licence fee increase sanctioned. I expect one of them will pop up on Miriam’s couch this weekend for a PR puff peice ala Ryan and Regina recently (I think I have Terry’s filthy fingernail alliterative affliction!)

    1. Topsy

      Does Doherty have tax clearance?
      How does the DPP deal with Perjury?
      Is it called Fascism when a government uses the state police to harass those who challenge them?
      I believe the Kinnihan (?) gang were refused free legal aid. Correctly so.
      I believe Drum of Anglo fame) was given free legal.
      Not one Tusla witness had heard of Maurice McCabe or the whistleblower issue.
      Is perjury a crime at a Tribunal?
      The administration of this state is utterly corrupt.

    1. GiggidyGoo

      Ended up in court, answering a charge that carries a life sentence, on the false evidence of Gardai that were lying. Sounds like a victim to me.

    2. Daisy Chainsaw

      Oh eric, you’re such a pointless troll with a teeny tiny winkly-wootle. If the real Eric came across you, he’s spit in your mouth and poo in your lunchbox.

  2. Nicelives

    But it’s the top story on their app at the moment?
    Maybe this’ll move down the priority list shortly as more things happen that aren’t the latest Paul Murphy sound bite but sure hey, he gets a lot more coverage than any other TD especially when you consider his party’s portion of the electorate… democracy and all that.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    “all of those things were behaviour that is unbecoming of a Member of this House, unbecoming of somebody who believes in democracy”
    Part of Varadkars rant. So, tell me again, who abused Dail Privilege?
    Varadkar is easily riled and let’s his guard down all to easy. A few in the parliamentary party like that.
    Will Leo hasten into the Dail with an apology of his own? Or if not, has he now set a precedent that any Dail member can accuse another of anything without any comeback?

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