‘You’re Not A Victim Here’


Earlier today.

In the Dáil.

In light of the Jobstown verdict two weeks ago.

Solidarity TD Paul Murphy said:

“It started with politicians. It started with a Labour minister a few hours after the protest, saying it was false imprisonment. It was followed by the Taoiseach saying that it was kidnapping. It was followed by the now Taoiseach saying it was thuggery. It was followed by our lost colleague Noel Coonan describing it as the same as Isis, and it was echoed by large sections of the media.”

“Now Taoiseach, politicians, not courts, politicians have to deal with the consequences. If you believe it’s serious chance, as there is, that the gardai gave false evidence on the stand, will you accept that we have to have an independent, public inquiry.”

In response, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar says:

“Deputy, you had a fair trial. It went on for nine weeks. Your peers heard both sides of the case, the prosecution and the defence and they reviewed the evidence and they acquitted you of false imprisonment. You’re not a victim here…”

Via RTE News



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68 thoughts on “‘You’re Not A Victim Here’

  1. Sheik Yahbouti

    Nice one. Leo – out of your own mouth comes the admission that. after a nine week. fair trial Murphy and his companions were acquitted. Why then have you continued to attack the verdict? You can’t have it both ways. Slimeball, however much you would like to.

    1. Twunt

      Paul Murphy might not be guilty of false imprisonment, but he is guilt of being an insufferable boo-boo.

        1. andy moore

          Boo-Boo is a stern attack on a Mans Character , I hope you’ve evidence to back it up ??

      1. Joxer


        Leo said
        “Deputy, you had a fair trial. It went on for nine weeks. Your peers heard both sides of the case, the prosecution and the defence and they reviewed the evidence and they acquitted you of false imprisonment ….and it may well be the case that you weren’t involved in kidnapping”

    2. Benz

      Attack the verdict? He pointed out that Paul Murphy owed Joan Burton an apology. I wouldn’t be fond of of either Paul or Joan but he’s spot on there.

      Also, Paul Murphy is, indeed, an insufferable boo-boo. And he’s a perpetual moan.

      1. Biggins

        how’s that attacking the verdict that he wasn’t guilty of false imprisonment??

        wtf is wrong with you people
        – Leo attacked the verdict
        – said people would get jobs if they got up earlier
        -Burton lied in court
        – jobseekers are being criminalized

        dislikable as all the above parties are, you’re all just spouting what you would wish to be true to fit nous narrative as Gospel truth

        it does nothing but make you sound thick

        have a bit of self respect! no wonder most of the country rolls their eyes when they think of the left, it’s because they see this hysterical agenda led nonsense

        back to boards.ie for me

  2. Andy Pandy

    BUT HE IS NOT A VICTIM… he has been acquitted. I don’t understand how he cant just move on. Never have I heard the likes of it! Murphy is banging a dead drum!

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      If the gardai hadn’t lied about their evidence, there wouldn’t have been the cost of a trial in the first place. How many millions of taxpayers money was wasted to stitch up Jobstown protesters?

      Paul Murphy along with all the other Jobstown protesters,, including a child convicted using the same statements, is a victim of purjured evidence.

      1. hans landa

        They were tried and acquitted on a vague charge that was never likely to stick. The reason this was done is because it is much easier to try someone for a real offense like ‘false imprisonment’ and cause them all the associated hassle, knowing you are unlikely to win, than to try them for being a fraud and a general thug and scumbag

    2. martco

      he was the victim of an attempted stitch-up

      I doubt you’d feel so cool and the gang if you had been dragged through court having to defend your reputation. It’s no walk in the park.

      decent misdirection attempt tho

      1. TheCitizen

        If he took some responsibility for his actions he might eventually end up in a place where he could achieve something in politics. At the moment he’s just a pimple on democracy.

        He’s not the victim.

        1. martco

          I’m not particularly a fan of Paul Murphy, forget his failings or personality flaws. he is a victim of an attempted shafting. like what else is he then? a grateful recipient of an attempted shafting?
          when we ask what happened and why I’m sick to the teeth of people playing with language shiteing on about and giving over-fair consideration to every other possible rhyme and reason on the spectrum other than the one plain as day obvious answer that stares them in the face. time and time again. are we just plain stupid or playing a part of it? just like Maurice McCabe, do you really believe that what happened there is just a one in a billion virgin mary set of circumstances that led him to where he is today? well I don’t. the odds-on obvious answer is the correct one. attempted shafting.

          this country is rotten to the core

          CJH must be laughing his arse off at all of this, he was only in the ha-penny place as my mam used to say.

  3. Frilly Keane

    Oh Leo
    You’re a moron

    Fair Trial

    And you still disagree with the outcome
    You couldn’t have confirmed how much you despise the people of Ireland and our Justice system any firmer unless you tattooed “I hate You” onto that growing forehead of yours

  4. RuilleBuille

    Clearly the establishment are not happy with the verdict of the jury and are attempting a policy of nudge-nudge wink-wink ‘we all know they were guilty and the jury verdict was unreliable’.

    1. newsjustin

      Kind of like how lots of people assume that ex bank officials must be guilty…of something

      I have no love for ex bank officials, but disputing/doubting verdicts is pretty commonplace. Either genuine doubts or to suit an agenda/bias.

      1. Boj

        The difference here being that the bankers are on the right side of ‘the establishment’. Were they demonised by the media…no tat tall. Front page happy face Seanie walking off into the sunset with a pull out section of ‘What he’ll do next…’

        1. newsjustin


          Why wouldn’t he walk away smiling? He’s entirely innocent of all charges laid against him. Like Paul Murphy.

          1. CiúnCainteach

            Except that isn’t the case. Sean Fitzpatrick was acquitted (and rightly so) due to grave procedural problems within the prosecution’s investigation of the case.

            Paul Murphy and the Jobstown protesters were found innocent by a jury of their peers. This is not the same thing, although they are all free men.

        2. Daisy Chainsaw

          Poor Seanie was punished enough when he was reportedly put in a position where he was forced to share his space with people in tracksuits… TRACKSUITS, for god’s sake!! Golf inspired leisurewear from Dunnes is just about tolerable, but (shudder) tracksuits?

      2. Rob_G

        Offering an opinion on a verdict after a trial is finished is fine; it’s when you seek to influence the decision during the trial through a concerted campaign that it becomes problematic.

  5. Guest

    Genuine question: What do people think would have happened to Joan Burton if she had stepped out of the car? Would she have been safe?

        1. Joxer

          didnt say that ‘Guest’ . i said with the amount of Gardai there she would have been safe. if someone had made a lunge at her there were enough Garda there to ensure her safety.

          Stop being a prat and bending words to suit your agenda.

    1. Steve

      She would have been tied to a pole in a mass bonfire, been subjected to proletariat mystical chants, burned and offered to the gods of Marx, Engels and Nikita Khrushchev

    2. Termagant

      I think, if you’re in a car, surrounded by a mob of hundreds of people, and the mob wants to harm you, the mob will find a way into the car to harm you. Anyone willing to commit an act of violence on a politician under police escort isn’t going to come along and say “Ah no, plexiglass, my whole plan’s ruined now”.

  6. Anomanomanom

    So good all
    Paul-i love a bandwagon-Murphy now wants to waste more money so he has something else to harp on about. If the garda did purposely lie and committed a crime a flipping inquiry will do fupp all. We all know this, but its great for a Td to grand stand with.

  7. Friscondo

    I can’t stand anyone involved in this, the Gardai being economical with the truth, the abominable Burton or Murphy and his baying pack of ugly thugs. Go away the lot of you.

  8. Termagant

    Just roll it into one of the other Garda inquiries.

    Roll them all together in fact, easier to keep track. The 2017 Garda Omninquirium, where all the questions were asked and no asnwers were found whatsoever.

  9. Eoin

    ….is the exact wrong answer Leo. The very faith we have in our police force is at stake here for a lot of people. You cannot sweep this under the carpet Leo. Too big. False and co-ordinated accusations by the police aimed for political reasons at innocent people is FAR too serious. Leo really need to be seen cleaning house here. Come on, it’s damage limitation time now. Leave the carpet and broom alone. Do your job.

  10. rotide

    Couldn’t agree more with every word Leo said.

    This thread is a handy cut out and keep guide to the idiots around here that don’t understand words and think this is an example of ‘attacking the verdict’

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