Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10.45)


The stretch is getting shorter.

The chat is getting livelier.

Join us tonight at 10.45 for Broadsheet on the Telly streamed LIVE above and on our YOuTube channel.

Broadsheet on the Telly is a show where a panel of real people not ROBOT PUNDITS get to set Ireland and the WORLD to rights from the comfort of their own kitchen/living space.


Thank you

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15 thoughts on “Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10.45)

    1. bad at memes

      Who sang the best song about ‘feeling it’?

      The Jacking off 5..?
      … Jesus Jayzus Jones…get a grip…

      It was the Beach Boys.
      Ask your parents.

    1. bad at memesish-kebab

      This is my own fault, admittedly…

      I went on YouTube and tried to watch this week’s emmision… but I might have watched last week’s episode by accident… thinking it was THIS week’s.
      – I know it’s MY fault, but I wouldn’t be too surprised to sober up and find out it was just a repeat.

      I was just wondering, is there any difference between any different episodes?
      My ‘eyesight’ is blurry.
      My ‘insight’ is absent.
      My ‘gobsight’ is not a proper word.

      You can put as many numbers in thenames of your episodes as you like, but without a proper date I cannot have sex with BOTV.

      1. Shayna

        Yes, it was today – I know this, because, despite my disputes, I was convinced by my peers that in fact it is today.

  1. bad at memes

    @ Sheena;

    You were right.
    I just finished looking at it.
    The production values have shot up by a long leap.
    I love how it starts off really, really very slow, and really, really repetetive, yet interesting, and intriguing, and then it sppeds up and finishes up with a dog.

    I agree.

    I couldn’t watch it ‘live’…sorry…
    My friend said she couldn’t understand the accents.
    I had to wait until I let her fall asleep, happy..

    1. ƃuᴉuoᴉʇɐlnɔᴉʇɹɐʇɐpɐq

      I know…

      ‘Speed’ is spelt with two ‘E’s, normally.
      But two ‘E’s seems excessive to me.
      I’d rather have two ‘P’s.

      That’s my excuse.

      1. Spot )the mistake)

        It would’ve been really easy to write that comment as a limerick.
        Limericks are easy. John Moynes does them.

        Just sayin’

  2. Shayna

    Sorry Louise, The Preposterous One gave me a bit of dressing down this morning. It was a missing ‘e’ is all. I thought you were great last night!

    1. Shayna

      If I were a tad funnier, I’d have gone with Jeez Louise – but clearly I’m above that.

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