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Tomorrow’s Sunday Herald published in Scotland

What the heil?

Kevin Quinn writes:

Perhaps we should refrain from taking political correctness too far, adopt the Irish Times’ benign view of the loyalist ‘tradition’ and ‘heritage’, and acknowledge that the appearance of ‘Jews’ and ‘Blacks’ alongside the ever-popular ‘hanging Pope’ represents a more inclusive approach by our neighbours…


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  1. Termagant

    OK, why DID Rory Cowan leave the show?

    Christ, I don’t even care, I just need to know why anyone would care

  2. newsjustin

    I’d vote in favour of removing the “place in the home” clause in the referendum, especially (and I don’t think I’m alone in this) if it was replaced by some clause that said that, ideally, a family should be able to survive and thrive on one income. At this rate we’ll soon need 3 people in a marriage to raise a family.

    1. upsidedown, back-to-front, sideways

      I also think that anyone with the audacity to think they can live outside the norms, as set out by the Pope’s mentallly deficient rectitude policies and his rhetorically-based rules, regulations and rubbish is very foolish.
      The Three ‘R’s are Repitition, Repitition, Repitition.. Religion is not a science.
      You people will NEVER get to Heaven if you never learn to live before you die.

      1. upsidedown, back-to-front, sideways

        I mean, anyone who follows those rules is abdicating their own responsibility.
        That isn’t something to brag about, so stick it back where it came from.

        Thank you.

        Any questions, ask yourself.

        1. upsidedown, back-to-front, sideways

          I think I’m on the wrong thread.

          Still valid though.
          All gods are false, including Bertie (Ahern).

    2. Sheik Yahbouti

      I think the Government are anxious to get rid of it in case the decades overdue legal challenge materializes. This has got sod all to do with “equality”.

    3. Ben Redmond

      @newsjustin You have pinpointed the aspiration that motivated the woman-in-the-home clause in the 1937 Constitution. Pope Leo XIII in his 1891 encyclical Rerum Novarum had urged the payment of a just wage to industrial and other workers so that they could feed, clothe and educate their families properly. He said that nurturing mothers should not be forced out of the family home to earn money to supplement their husbands’ meagre salaries. The Irish Constitution was meant to express the same humane sentiment. It was a progressive aspiration in its time. Unfortunately, the 1937 constitution was heavy on aspiration and light on practical means of achievement.

  3. Decky

    Rory’s script “awwww mammmmmy” can’t believe Brendan remained quiet, irreplaceable is our Rory!

    1. upsidedown, back-to-front, sideways

      Even after all…

      …it isn’t worth finding until you’ve been searching for it.
      Keep searching.

    2. upsidedown, back-to-front, sideways

      I’m a big fan of U2.
      Everybody knows that.
      I try to hide it but it’s not right…

      It’s not true.
      Ireland’s best band ever after My Bloody Vaseline (stupid autocorrect) came froM Cork, with THUNDER.


  4. upsidedown, back-to-front, sideways

    The next 10/10 album from The Fall doesn’t drop until the 28th.
    I’ll do me best to get it to you before then, so buy it.
    Support proper music.

    In the meantime let’s be Junglist…
    Be good…
    Be Voodoo…
    Be Lazarus
    Don’t be a Zombie.

    You’re heading for a Fall either way.

  5. upsidedown, back-to-front, sideways

    – Fer de luv ov Jah… If you were me daughter I would never have to say any of this.
    She’s going to be 16yrs old in September. She’ll be allowed on Broadsheet by her oul’ fella.

    You people…
    I dunno….

    You think I’m bad now…Ha.
    – Just you wait until I give her permission to fight you in September.

    Twweetle your Feminism. You made a boo booof it, you silly billys.
    I’m taking over now, because I have a daughter.. She doesn’t know, yet.

    You didn’t just let yourselves down…

    Let a man take charge, but let me have a sleep first….

    I have a bad dose of the Flu.

      1. Mr M

        I agree, that clown was on the sauce after the pub and decided to write some utter rubbish. Totally trolling. I wish BS could delete this kind of nonsense. OK everyone has an opinion but I don’t think it was the subject that was ‘inspiring’ contributor (?) “upside, back front sides, backsides ”
        Such drivel.
        Sad thing is; people have had milder responses deleted!

  6. Peter Dempsey

    There’s a great editorial in today’s Sunday Independent.
    The final paragraph is very accurate.
    The “certain quarters” are here and on Rabble.

    “Since the financial crisis, Ireland’s love affair with property has waned but this is still a nation of property owners, and aspiring owners, many within the middle classes. There is little doubt the crisis threatened the security of the middle class, a threat which has still not fully receded; however, after the crisis there is now an opportunity to build a new social consensus for all citizens to share, a challenge which is giving rise to political anxieties, although not to the extent it is in other parts of the world, with the middle class here certain to contribute signifiantly to building of that new Ireland.

    In an interview in this newspaper today, the Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, tells of his concern for people who want to buy a home for the first time, referring to those in his own age group, late 30s, who have not yet bought property. People used to often buy a home in their 20s, he says, but because of the recession there are now a lot of people of this age and older who rent and would like to buy a home.

    It may be that the crisis has ushered in a new era in which the middle-class aspiration of property ownership will remain beyond the reach of many in this new generation and that the relative norm elsewhere of rented accommodation will apply for a considerable time. While Mr Varadkar is correct to say that property prices are 30pc under peak, home ownership still remains beyond the reach of a great number of his generation (and an indebted burden to many others). The reasons are complicated, not solely related to supply to meet demand which is rather simplistically argued by some. Mr Varadkar would be wise to adopt a co-ordinated policy approach if equilibrium is to be restored to the property market, not least to actively manage investment behaviour as was urged by a writer in this newspaper last week.

    The term “middle class” was originally devised to describe merchants, tradesmen, investors and skilled craftsmen who inhabited walled cities – the burg, bourg, or borough – which gave rise to les bourgeois. In today’s usage, “bourgeois” has changed to mean people who are rather square, unfashionable, boring, even narrow-minded and certainly suburban.

    However, almost everyone agrees that the middle class pays the lion’s share of taxes. It may be deeply in debt, even “endangered”, and is no doubt “squeezed” as has been said by this newspaper; even crippled and at risk of being hollowed out, as has also been stated. That would be a great tragedy were it to occur. We believe the middle class will cope as always, and must endure. It may suffer from an erosion of net worth. Its decline is blamed for a widening income gap. It is courted by left and right in election years, each trying to outdo the other in praise for its attributes. The middle class will remain the backbone of our economy and of this country, however. In recent years it has become fashionable again, in certain quarters, to sneer to the suburban middle class, akin to the anarchic catch cry that ‘property is theft’; or that the owner of property must be swept out of the way and made impossible, as was stated by Marx. But this newspaper would state, unashamedly, that the middle class are solid citizens; decent, hard-working and law-abiding, to be respected and admired, and would encourage Mr Varadkar to do all in his power to assist the noble aspiration towards property ownership for his and generations to come.

    Sunday Independent”

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Indeed, Petey – and what’s this obsession with the web forum called Rabble? He’s always on about it.

    1. Sam

      “The squeezed middle paying inflated mortgages on over priced properties that this paper made a fortune flogging in breathless advertorials.”

    2. martco

      sweet jesus

      is this some personal fantasy article that got published by accident?

      I’m surprised even for that comic

  7. Lush

    Have I missed something?
    Is it a holiday weekend in Ireland?
    BS Towers closed for a cockroache cleanout?

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      The sun is shining, my dear Lushie, on this damp, drizzly speck of an isle and we have all gone mad.

      Join us. It’s warm, and we have 99s.

        1. Lush

          Oh God how I miss 99s and Icebergers.
          Will be home in August and upping my calorie consumption accordingly.
          Battered sausage and chips will also feature.

      1. martco

        you’re right on the money with the 99….with plenty of Green (Lime?) and Red (Raspberry) “stuff” drizzled on

        I had a Brunch earlier….really really disappointing, some major downhill change happened at the Brunch factory over the years, defo not what they used to be

        Also can’t find a Wibbly Wobbly Wonder for love nor money, or Captain Quench for that matter ffs

        Beer has improved however over the years

        BS I propose a regular slot whereby codgers like me lecture the younger ones on items currently available that just aren’t as good as what they used to be

        1. mildred st. meadowlark

          The Brunch is a sad story altogether nowadays. I remember a glorious crumbly biscuity ice cream and the last Brunch I had was not that. The iceberger is an absolute gem of an ice cream. I’ve yet to devour a bad one. In fact… think I’ll just have to nip to the shop for some.

        2. Brother Barnabas

          I remember when curlywurlys were only 10p and twice as long

          (*originally only available in selection boxes)

          1. bisted

            …I got a free curlywurly at xmas but broke a filling…probably the most expensive curlywurly ever…

        3. Sheik Yahbouti

          Ah Martco, me oul segocia. Come to the Sheik and receive a decent breakfast (now called ‘brunch’) followed by whatever icecream confection you desire. Don’t let them call us old farts. There has been much progress – but much has been lost. I miss what has been lost (and possibly thee also?). However, I’m unconvinced that the current mob would either appreciate what’s been lost, or give a damn about it.

  8. Nigel

    And the new Doctor Who is a member of the strangest most incomprehensible alien species on the planet: an actor.

  9. Kenny U-Vox Plank

    Why ape anything the Irish Times does? They are not concerned with facts only opinion and identification politics.

    Check out how they selectively edited this compilation of Vincent Browne to make Joan Burton look like a victim of male harassment – part of their Labour narrative.


    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      That hardbitten harridan has NEVER been harrassed by anybody, more’s the pity. I may take to harrassing her in my old age, just for the fun of it. PS she has no soul.

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