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RTE reported:

“The internal Audit Committee of An Garda Síochána has said it was “very concerned” that senior garda management did not tell it about the existence of thousands of fake breath tests or unreliable fixed notice convictions.”

“…The committee, which oversees spending in the force, said it was kept totally in the dark over both issues despite senior management knowing about them in the previous year.”

Garda auditors not told of breath test or FCN controversies (RTE)

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13 thoughts on “Disc-gusting

  1. dav

    good to see fraud being fought in this country….. except if it’s being committed by the gardai, or the banks or the government…

  2. bertie blenkinsop

    I hate the way people fawn all over the Guards trying to be funny, shower of corrupt boggers.

  3. Frilly Keane

    the most interesting thing about this Garda stuff
    is that the story was held over for the Bank Holiday Monday

    and it barely got a look in with that Canning lad all over the place

    the question is
    who is minding who

    another query worth digging out is
    if there is an Audit Committee in AGS

  4. Catherinecostelloe

    When I read of the treatment of Mr Barratt…..how he was tipped off his Phoenix Park locked office was accessed after he had gone home and how, as a result he started taking files home with him , I thought where is JUSTICE in this country? And then a senior officer sneaked in a demeaning report to PAC questioning Mr Barratt’s integrity resulting in Mr Barratt going to the policing authority and resigning I thought get rid of the lot of them in Phoenix Park. . Corrupt, liars, total lack of decency and integrity., and decent garda should come out end masse to demand root and branch change. Shame on F.F. and F.G for repeated bull ****.

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