The Jaguar E-Type Zero – lighter and faster than the 1968 Series 1.5 Roadster on which it is modelled – has an all-electric (zero-emissions) engine capable of 0-100km/h in 5.5 seconds.

Other modifications by Jaguar Land Rover Classic include LED headlamps and revised instrumentation based on the original 1968 layout.

The prototype was unveiled in London last weekend to gauge interest in production and, presumably, remind customers that after 2020, Jaguar Land Rover will cease making petrol and diesel engined cars altogether.


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7 thoughts on “Hot Wheels

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    Dear car-makers,
    More faithful (exact!) electric reproductions of iconic models please. Where is that electric Citroen DS that I want? Where is my electric Saab 900?
    Yours, etc

    1. The Old Boy

      It’s not a reproduction – Jaguar Land Rover are buying up pristine classics to use for this sort of thing. It’s the chassis and shell of the genuine article with modern mechanics.

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