The Road Ahead


The Echo Chamber Podcast.

A special edition of the Tweet-based podcast as Tony Groves interviews economist Constantin Gurdgiev in a car travelling to last weekend’s Kilkenomics festival in Kilkenny.

Constantin offers his insights into the relationship between mainstream and social media, the difference between RTÉ and BBC and what we didn’t learn from the financial crisis.

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The Echo Chamber

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9 thoughts on “The Road Ahead

  1. Deli

    I am glad I cant hear him speak the crap that he normally trots out. He has got thinks so wrong in the past he doesn’t make predictions anymore. The sound is so bad I wouldn’t have posted it.

  2. Owen C

    I thought we exiled The Ruski to Trumpistan? Is he still forecasting NAMA to lose €15-20bn or so? Good times.

  3. Owen C

    I lasted around 11 mins. The audio is terrible. Tony’s questions/interactions are a bit rambling, but Constantin’s answers are barely audible on account of (a) the poor audio, (b) his meerkat accent and (c) his own rambling incoherence

  4. blablahsheep

    Broadsheet is just being driven into the ground by the likes of Candy Crush/Wardeof snort/Mary lambe/Helga etc etc. They haven’t a brain cell or a funny bone in their body. Please lose these losers from the sheet . It is killing it. I doubt they are clever enough to have an agenda but there is something odd with all these stupid comments.

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