This afternoon.


A separate allegation.

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81 thoughts on “Standing Up

  1. talklessworkmoreok

    who in the name of God is it??? SEE THE DAMAGE IT CAN DO IF YOU DON’T NAME WHO THE HELL IT IS ….IDIOTS .

    1. Bort

      Report it to the Gardai maybe? Then other people will follow suit. Rather than this twitterspiracy.

      Is there a comedian in this country that powerful that could end anyones career?

    2. Sham Bob

      Well, seems to me the original post was to tell other comedians that this behaviour is known, and has that anyone who’s been on the receiving end isn’t alone. Maybe they’ll get in touch with each other and then go to the Gardai.
      There’s a small enough pool of comedians in Ireland who’ll know each other or know of each other, I imagine most of them will not need the person to be identified. Naming names could open you up to a libel accusation, or you could prejudice a future trial.

      1. Birt

        And what if it is just a group of comedians who can’t stand him and want to ruin him but without having to put themselves on the line by not naming anyone. They’ve started a decent witch hunt. Will any of the “big” names in Irish comedy weigh in? I doubt it? I havnt heard of any of the “comedians” making the insinuations on Twitter. I personally can’t stand the unnamed individual but this is trial by internet

  2. dhaughton99

    I was watching a re-run of ‘Married with Children’ last night. The one where Al goes bra shopping for Peggy. Al’s grabbing at boobies, Marcys is grabbing the bum of the male stripper. Men in lace and suspenders, Freddy Mercury lookalike trying on a tiara.
    “A bra is just to keep your tit off the plate while you are eating.”

    Now thats comedy.

    1. Harry Molloy

      I like that he made her put a bag over her head so he could pretend she was someone else. And she was just happy to get it either way.

        1. Harry Molloy

          I haven’t thought about my wife when we’ve made love for years, it would be honest of me at least

  3. wellness

    #Peakmetoo has not been reached. A twitter project that has managed to disempower women and cause a serious injustice to victims of sexual abuse .

          1. Brother Barnabas

            As it happens, Frillz, I’m this week’s putter-straighter. Appointed by Bodger. My reign ends Sunday midnight. Janet’s up next. I see you’re down for the second week of March 2018.

          2. Frilly Keane

            You can work for Bodger if ya like
            I’ll fact-straightener
            whenever wherever n’ whatever

            How an’ever
            I’m not bottomed most’a the time

          3. Brother Barnabas

            Being called into service by Bodger is an honour and a privilege. And well you know it, young lady.

            You’re time will come.

            Until it does, though, you are obliged to respect my authority.

          4. Frilly Keane

            Annuder Broadsheet Man using the passive aggressive lark to cock his leg on a Broadsheet Broad

            A lotta that here lately
            Why can’t ye just shout and roar like Johnny Keenan

          5. What’sSpaghettiHoopDoingTheseDays?

            Why -defending bullies and abusers is the only reason you are here , Filly?

          6. Frilly Keane

            And what’s your reason?

            Btw I don’t need a reason to be here
            Or anywhere
            But your position that I’m only here to defend bullies and abusers is a filthy and ignorant thing to say

            But feel free to tog out in yere other log ins there to kick it around even more

            Sur who are ye really harming

          7. Killian G

            Frilly Keane’s support of badatmeme’s childish abuse of Bertie Blenkinsop – getting involved when it was none of her business (despite constantly letting on that she “c’dnt giv d’fk”) – was as appalling as the abuse itself.

          8. Warden of the Snort

            I’d go so far as to say it was worse than the abuse itself – which was deleted.
            Frilly’s absurd defence and victim-blaming of Bertie was allowed to stand, and not only that she was allowed to publish numerous tedious snoozefests masquerading as articles afterwards about some dumb TV show she was watching…

  4. TheRealJane

    Is it ok to take this seriously and not make excuses for the perpetrator now that it’s not just women who aren’t really equipped to understand whether it happened or matters whether it happened.

    1. Vote Rep #1

      Its men talking about having been assaulted now but ignore them as I want to make it about how the female victims because something.

      1. TheRealJane

        Well actually, I think all victims of sexual assault deserve an equal audience. But I’m tired of reading about women’s experiences being not that bad or just bants or the price of being outside the home. I’m tired of women bring portrayed as hysterical, prone to overreacting and constitutionally unable to understand almost anything that happens to them.

  5. Vote Rep #1

    Doubt it, he’d be on a big contract so until someone actually goes public they’ll just pretend nobody knows. And the vast majority of people wouldn’t know either.

          1. Deluded

            And we can’t kick it that far.
            Anyway, my point would have been that you won’t see a lad running to the sideline to jostle his manager for yelling at him, we expect people to be dominated without question for systems to work and this is the power being abused.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Still easy t’spot

          No matter how many changes or coats of paint ye go through
          Yere targeted trolling still gets shabby

          But since nobody else seems ta’ give a ú p
          I don’t see why I should

          But I am constantly left flattered ye go to this trouble

          1. What’sSpaghettiHoopDoingTheseDays?

            You’re an horrific troll the worst on here
            Stop playing the victim ye gobpoo

    1. Murtles

      There was a great cull of the comments. Admins on overtime on this thread putting out fires and possible lawsuits.

  6. Andrew

    Just to clarify. Are there two different people being accused here? there is one who is definitely gay and another accusation of a female (TeresaC0 being raped

  7. Frilly Keane


    I stared a cloudy description of Jnr B corner back stuff here
    Then decided
    I’m not @rsed enough


    Jaysus, twice? Since you didn’t the first, what prevented you from givn him a few slaps the second time, career options?

  9. phil

    You know what we need, is some sort of public list, or a register of people who have committed sexual assaults

  10. Bort

    If someone I know punched me, robbed my bicycle, damaged my property or committed any crime against me regardless of their fame, position in my field of work I would report it to the Gardai. If it was of a sexual nature I might be ashamed of it and never mention it. If I wasn’t ashamed of it I would tell the Gardai. I wouldn’t tweet about it. I don’t see the constructive point of alluding to unnamed person committing a crime against me on social media. What is the benefit? All it does is steer a real accusation towards gossip.

    1. LW

      You are one individual Bort, and how you react in a situation may not be the same way someone else reacts or behaves. No charge!

    1. Lilly

      Yes, so sad reading her Tweets. I love going to comedy gigs and hope I never inadvertently end up applauding her scumbag rapist.

      As for groper guy, he’s a talent-free zone.

  11. italia'90

    Are all my comments marked for deletion?
    3rd comment this week, previous 2 have been censored.
    Thanks BS

  12. Candy Crush Guru

    This man approached his colleagues, many not as commercially successful as him, and put his hands down their underwear. Why are ye all allowing this link to divert away from that?

    I might not be as frequent as some of you here as I do not work at a desk or in a stationary position for any length of my day. But even I can recognise that one or two, and more possibly, of you have decided to collaborate and use other Identities to harass, bully and steer agenda.
    This is called Mobbing.

    That Mobbing is now going on is very disappointing as I had come to rely on Broadsheet for a whole mix of news, reports, investigative timelines, opinions and even some humour. It is a virtual bazaar of topics and contributors, and it’s webcast panel talks are the same.

    Broadsheet is my bookmarked link. Do not ruin it by behaving like aging impotent clerks.

    Please go back to the news this link is featuring. A domestic TV and radio personality who puts his hands down other Comedians underwear.

    So, can I ask the genuine Broadsheet delegates: did Al Porter do this to these men, in front of their own partners and friends, because they are jealous of his success?

      1. Lilly

        I like then both so the podcast – Des interviewing Maeve in NY – was not easy listening. Early on he referred to her age apopro nothing, which had a whiff of a femme putdown about it, but nothing overt. Later on she thanks him for helping her in the aftermath of unpleasantness from Ivan Yates on Menstalk. And then the bickering starts…. he talks over her but she sticks to her guns. I didn’t hear them out.

        The situation has reached boiling point: there’s a sense that women have had it with the shoddy treatment. I admire Maeve for taking herself off to NY instead of going silent, giving up and growing old.

          1. Lilly

            There was a definite sense of ‘hey, I’m top dog here’ and him calling her to account for herself as opposed to genuine curiousity about what she’s up to in NY.

            Interesting also that the International comedy club run by his brother doesn’t make @sorobotic’s non-toxic comedy clubs list.

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