Oh No, He Isn’t


Due to recent developments, Al Porter is standing aside from his role in this year’s Pantomime Polly and the Beanstalk at the Olympia Theatre.

A replacement star will be announced shortly.

A statement released this afternoon by the Olympia Theatre.

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30 thoughts on “Oh No, He Isn’t

  1. Brother Barnabas

    They should get badatmemes to stand in. Could do a matinee and an evening show – and ply him with drink in between the two performances. I’d go and see that.

    1. italia'90

      Coming to Donnybrook Ministry of Propaganda in 2018 – a Spinning Lies PR Production of “Leo and the Gombeanstalk” .
      Starring the usual bluffers and blowhards plus a supporting cast of past and present members of Fine Fail.

  2. Bort

    I don’t like Al Porter, I’m not victim blaming but this is one of best trial by social media this country has ever produced. Have yet to read anywhere any legal report or investigation.

    1. Ronan

      You also have yet to read anywhere a denial by Al Porter of the claims. That should tell you all you need to know.

        1. VinLieger

          Not only has he admitted it he’s then basically gone ahead and blamed anyone he did it to as not understanding him or his persona

    2. Not feeling so Nice Anne

      Irish rising star Porter said: ‘I have been completely taken aback by reports in the media and on the social networks over the weekend, and by the scale and tone of the vitriol. While my conduct, which had been in keeping with my flamboyant and outrageous public persona may be regarded as offensive and unacceptable by many people, I at no time intended to upset anyone. ‘Up until now, I had been unaware of these complaints or the impact of my conduct and I am truly sorry for any distress I may have caused in what I had regarded as light-hearted and good-natured circumstances.

      He cannot believe people are not happy about him assaulting someone with mental health problems. Mad, isn’t it?

  3. kerryview

    Seems to me that Mr. Porter has been transferred (if this word is still PC) from the Olympia to the Crucible….your next witch please…

  4. Gay Tea Shop

    Donal Óg Cusack can write him a reference for his next job. I hear he’s big in the GAA community (ooh missus).

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