To Catch A Predator


RTÉ producer Kieran Creaven is set to appear in court this morning charged with attempting to engage or incite sexual activity with a girl under 16.

It is understood the national broadcaster employee, Kieran Creaven, arrived in Leeds on Saturday and was confronted by a group who had created an online profile for a 13-year-old girl.

RTE producer Kieran Creaven to appear in court charged with ‘attempting to engage or incite sexual activity with a girl under 16’ (Irish Mirror)

44 thoughts on “To Catch A Predator

  1. Fergus the magic postman

    He had been using a facebook profile under the name Jimmi Cee. It’s still active and all “friends” are underage girls.

      1. Fergus the magic postman

        The vigilante group posted the name he was going under, and the FB account was linked on twitter. It’s easily searchable.

    1. Paddy at the Howth Summit

      Not Jimmi McCee, Mammary Man? (too soon? By about another three years judging by UK statute)

  2. Andrew

    His life’s over anyway. I hope he isn’t married or anything as that would be devastating for them.
    I watched the video of him being caught and it was painful to watch.

        1. Killian G

          If I had a teenage daughter (or son), I would actually consider watching this with her (or him). It’s horrible but children do need to know what’s out there.

      1. Andrew

        Painful in the sense of how pathetic he was trying to squirm out of it. At one point he thought they were letting him off and promised to never do it again.
        Of course he could have just told them to eff off and done a runner.
        I think you’re implying that I have some empathy for this man. I don’t. I have empathy for his family; if he has one.

    1. Raskolnikov

      I think he is married. Watching the sting was very uncomfortable, witnessing his entire life getting destroyed in that instant, albeit through his own actions. I’m not quite sure why they often sit there and offer a full disclosure to these vigilante hunters and happily entertain them and answer their questions until the Police arrive. Of course they’re bang to rights, but these hunters I often think are trying to atone for their own indiscretions.

      1. anne

        “indiscretions”.. eh this would have been child rape, not an indiscretion.

        The empathy for him is outstanding..

          1. Ram Trilogy

            They why are you being such a sanctimonious ejit towards him. virtue signalling ?

            Are you trying to atone for your own bullying behaviour?

      1. Killian G

        If you look at the sentences handed down in these cases, that’s far from certain. With no previous record (which he claims in the video, but who knows), he’ll most likely get a suspended sentence going on past form. It’s intent rather than action, there’s no actual, real victim and they take the ‘entrapment’ into account. Chances are he’ll be living in London or Melbourne in 6 months time.

        1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

          foreign correspondent perhaps?

          Can he even be fired legally for this if he just is there on his own free time?

          What would be really cool is if I had to continue to pay his wages.

  3. Gay Tea Shop

    There should be a full Primetime investigation- into whether any RTÉ equipment was used by him in the pursuit of these alleged activities, where, and when.

    1. Yeah, Ok

      Why? What difference would that make and what extra equipment would be available to him in RTE that he wouldn’t have used if he was a builder or an accountant? He was talking to the girl using a Facebook account – the fact that he works for RTE is purely incidental. So many people seem determined to make this about some toxic paedophile culture that’s supposedly allowed or tolerated in RTE or showbiz when in reality he’s just a random creep who could just as easily be your boss or colleague or neighbour.

      1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

        I said the exact same and they deleted my comment. You must be in on that showbiz inner circle too.

        1. Ban the Poo. Ooh-er!

          There’s a lot of mindless haters out there who are literally angry at life itself existing for others

    2. dylad

      Yeah, they should at least do one special on that and maybe another one over Christmas. Maybe a docu-drama about it too.

  4. Bort

    I’ll be very curious to see what sentence if any he receives. He might not even get charged. As someone said above there’s intent to commit a crime but no victim. He has no priors. Who would be the witness? Are these vigilante lads reliable? By publishing this video pre trial are they damaging the prosecution’s case?

    At least he’s been outed though the scumbag

    1. gorugeen

      Under Irish Law it is illegal for any Irish adult to travel (from anywhere) to meet a child with the intent of involving or encouraging them to partake or consider illicit or sexual acts. If he doesn’t get done in the UK he will be here.

      1. Yeah, Ok

        I think the point of confusion is that there was never an actual child, even though he acted on the assumption there was. I’d imagine a good lawyer could argue against it fairly well. Either way I can’t see him getting much of a sentence, maybe a few months of actual prison time.

        1. why?

          ITs entrapment and easily denied
          It’s not illegal to send a willy pic to another man
          That video they made might be actionable though if he had any sense he would have said that he knew it was a scam and played along as part of a story he was working on

  5. Harry Molloy

    Why do people do such things!?!? It’s almost tragic when you can see it dawning on him that he has destroyed his life and all his relationships… I’m sure there are a lot of people out there who have terrible urges but they don’t act on them, scary that some people just can’t control themselves.

    Will be interesting to follow tho prosecution. And thank God he didn’t get to meet a real girl

    1. Brother Barnabas

      In his mid 50s, it says. Mightnt be any convictions but highly unlikely this is his first attempt.

  6. Zoella

    Why on earth didn’t he just leg it? Or if they had him cornered, why didn’t he just whip out his passport and prove he wasn’t ‘Jimmy’. Not that I have an ounce of sympathy for him.

  7. Keith sheridan

    Thank God They caught this guy, fair play to the English people for putting in effort to expose him nobody else seems to anything about it, keep up the good work.

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