23 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Paddy at the Howth Summit

    Great. Another Royal Wedding. And if Markle thinks she had it tough with racists, spare a thought about marrying someone who’s a ginger… #GLM

    1. Charger Salmons

      Paddy takes the piss out of someone who’s a ginger …
      You haven’t really thought this one through have you ?
      Doh !

      1. Brother Barnabas

        Only kidding, Charger. You’re a good sport. Gave us all a good laugh at your expense yesterday. And to come back today for more shows great fortitude (or stupidity). So well done.

  2. realPolithicks

    It’s remarkable that Fitzgerald and the other FG pedal and crankers are attempting to portray her as a “victim”. She allowed (at best) possibly the only honest man in a corrupt organization to be hung out to dry by a corrupt commissioner while at the same time praising him in public. Hypocrisy doesn’t cover it for crying out loud!

      1. RidersOnTheStorm

        And her biggest mistake was not forwarding the emails up the line to Inda with follow on phone calls” ……. oh wait

        She probably did.

  3. Cormac

    No; Enda is gone, politicians will always blame someone who has left the building. She didn’t tell Edna or they would have said in a heartbeat

  4. dav

    Jaysus, how naive is leo looking these days, looks like youth is no substitute for experience, the blushirts better start sharpening their knives ’cause they can’t have him leading them into an election..

    1. snowey

      actually on a serious note, if he is to remain taoiseach and I’m no blue shirt but he isn’t the worst – hopefully this event will focus his mind.
      less showing off on twitter and less photo ops with trudeau and more hard graft.

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