The Joy Of Whistle Blowing


From top: World Rugby Referee of the Year Joy Neville; Former Garda Commissioner Noirin O’Sullivan and former Minister for Justice, Frances Fitzgerald

Frilly Keane writes:

November is an awful month, it’s always dark, everyone is fed up and pissed off with Christmas pulling up ahead of the Toy Show; even the weather doesn’t know what to do in November.

I’ve also known it as the Month of the Holy Souls (in Purgatory supposedly, yeah I looked that bit up.) I remember a late uncle always going off the drink for the month to serve some penance for them. His words btw.

Anyway, I think it’s worth taking a look at this penance carryon since a few things I brought to yere attention, or at least tried to, over the year of Frill-Bits somehow knitted together this month; especially one.

It is not to plug an I told ye so about Noirin O’Sullivan; it’s getting a pin into this Frill-Bit because I want to repeat a particular opinion within it. We are not safe.

November has been choc-a-block with Garda smearing campaigns and the collusions and the collisions within, the Dept. of Justice, its Ministers former and present and their emails, from Tribunals to Investigations, to who said what to who, where when and how.

I’d rather a dose of the shingles than try and get me head around the lot’ve it to be honest. It may seem like it all came to an end with talks of a Winter Solstice election and resignations; but let’s not fool ourselves anymore, We are not safe.

When that original Frill-Bit went up it was just before Dara Quigley died in circumstances so thick with Garda maltreatment and misconduct they might have just smothered her altogether. Their cruelty towards a fellow citizen was so barefaced and unabashed that they even supported it with their own raw footage.

Thanks in part to Broadsheet (although few thanked themat the time) we were allowed to witness what they did to Dara. But we simply cannot just leave it at that, and expect tribunal timelines and Government fallouts to be the reaction. We cannot just leave all this evidence that proves that Citizens are not safe or protected in the jurisdiction of An Garda Síochána until we ensure our policing is radically changed.

By not doing so we are guilty of collaborating with the act of desertion of their Vocation; “The Mission of An Garda Síochána is Working with Communities to Protect and Serve.”

I wouldn’t even bother looking at the top. They’re not worth investing in and they’ll just result in a costlier write-off to the taxpayer when they retire anyway.

I’d go straight to the bottom, or the start if you like; Templemore. Shut the gaff down and turn it into an Emergency Reception & Orientation Centre. This is already a Dept. of Justice & Equality function, so it just came to mind easily. I’m sure it has other far more suitable uses ye’d love to tell me about.

Send new recruits to The Curragh or Haulbowlin or Pat’s instead – anywhere but a facility grown out of rancid seeds whose putrid spread is now so out of control that not even its own produce is safe from it.

And here’s the bould’ Noirin O’Sullivan again in a Frill-Bit mention she got during her holidays about Gender Quotas.  Thankfully the carry on of Frances & Noirin still doesn’t change my mind. While the revelations infuriate me and disgust me, they don’t embarrass me; I still swear that your credentials, ability, and capacity to do the job, any job, is all that matters. I still insist equality is one of our most important rights as Irish citizens, and yet probably the one that is most underrated and undervalued.

Therefore, it is my pleasure to introduce a wonderful example of a woman being measured and tested under the same criteria and conditions as her male colleagues; Joy Neville.

Joy was recently announced as 2017 Referee of the Year by the World Rugby Awards crowd. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any statistics of male: female international referees in any sport but I’m sure someone else can. In the meantime,

Joy deserves more than just congratulations from the likes of me; but all I have to offer is thanks and immense pride for someone like myself who just gets on with it and proves us right.

Just to satisfy the curiosity I know most of ye are now itching to scratch, the last Paddy to get a World Rugby Award was Declan Kidney in ‘09. Yes BOD too, in ‘08; Try of the Year.

Before I tog out into my Toy Show onesie and eat my Advent calendar, I just want to bring last month’s Frill-Bit back to the surface, and submit to a bitta Blind Eye carryon meself.

Given the amount of bloggarding I do and how long I’ve been at it, through all sorts of regimes and formats, it was only to be expected that someone, another Broadsheet Author as it happens, would get upset with my sometimes-feckless careless attitude to t’internet forums.

I am not making excuses nor am I looking for contrition for what is only fair to call my freestyle, and sometimes mocking, shyte talk.

I admit I provoke and stir the worst out’ve other commenteers, and I thrive on it, and I do so knowing that many are not like that. I apologise for that and I will be mindful of that behaviour in future.

November really is the month of purgatory and therefore penance must be served, so have at it lads.

And for ye’re own penance; 12 Frills of Christmas starts in 2 weeks.

Frilly Keane’s column usually appears here on the first Friday of every month. Follow Frilly on Twitter: @frillykeane

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15 thoughts on “The Joy Of Whistle Blowing

  1. les rock

    At the beginning i used to skip past Frillys articles, as i viewed them as waffle nonsense. Now, i look forward to them. Good woman Frilly

    1. Johnny Keenan

      I like your ideas for gardaseeyaconya Frilly.
      The treatment of Daragh Quigley should never be forgotten. Thanks for highlighting the arrogant and ignorant manner of some filth that give the force a really bad name.
      Your right to. November is a hard month for the soul.
      Hopefully December will be a month to remember, for all the right reasons…

  2. Ron

    I have a pain in my head and eyes after reading that poo. Seriously, were you blind drunk writing that diatribe?

    1. nellyb

      you’ve overcome the pain to write about and to Frilly, despite the pain she caused. Admit it – you fancy her :-)

  3. anne

    Joy deserves more than just congratulations from the likes of me; but all I have to offer is thanks and immense pride for someone like myself who just gets on with it and proves us right.

    That’s kinda jumbled english..but who gets on with it? Yourself? You proves us right huh? LOL.

    You proves us kinda off your trolly more like.. no offence.

  4. LW

    Contrition, of course, is feeling remorseful. Maybe you meant you’re not looking for forgiveness, or absolution?

  5. Sheik Yahbouti

    Me late, lamented, Mudder died of a November many years ago. Thanks for the reminder, Frilly :-[

    1. Frilly Keane

      Ah here
      Don’t be looking a’ me now
      I didn’t know the girl ah’ all

      I’m getting blamed for enough shy-t around here as it is

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