Yule May Like This


Kolumbus – You Know It’s Christmas (featuring the West Wicklow Voices)

Pete Murphy writes:

Mark Caplice is a Wicklow=based songwriter who goes under the stage name Kolumbus. Christmas 2015 saw this Kolumbus release hit no.1 on the national Google Play Charts ahead of Justin Beiber and Adele raising funds for Inner City Helping Homeless and The Lions club.

This year Mark is taking a slightly different approach to fundraising and asking people to put aside their Fivers for the month of December in aid of ICHH.

Mark says: “In the space of one month I was able to save over 300 euro by simply putting aside any five euro notes I came in contact with. This sparked the idea, Why not start a campaign and hopefully use the effective saving technique to help others.”


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2 thoughts on “Yule May Like This

  1. Liam Deliverance

    Great song and powerful video. I was trying to remember the name of ICHH, a timely reminder!

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