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  1. Paul

    I’m the kind of person who loves bookshops but has the book depository website open on my phone to price-check.

  2. Cian

    What’s the issue?
    Amazon have no stores, much lower overheads, and higher bulk buying lower. Add in weak sterling and it’s no surprise they are so much cheaper.

      1. Termagant

        Eason has to either pay exorbitant small-country-GDP rent in Dublin or compensate for low footfall outside of Dublin, which as we all know is a barren wasteland devoid of life.

        1. Brother Barnabas


          Oh, look at Paddy having a good laugh… thing is, as per usual, Paddy doesn’t know what Paddy’s laughing at… hard border means Paddy won’t have any books at all because Paddy will have to burn his books to stay warm. And Paddy can thank Paki prime minister for that – good luck trying to buy British coal now.

    1. Benny

      Been a while since I used a price gun, but the first number is normally the month in which the price tag was added.

  3. gorugeen

    Kindle and bookbub all the way for me. Though I will buy Winds of Winter the old way( if it ever gets finished).

  4. Martco

    if you want to still achieve a good price but keep your hard earned in Ireland can I suggest you try Kenny’s Bookshop from Galway – kennys.ie unusually for an Irish company they’ve had online sales site since the early 2000’s…pretty sure I bought books online with them before Amazon existed. a hidden gem.

    1. Lilly

      Read this article on the New York Times before ordering on Amazon again – Inside Amazon: Wrestling Big Ideas in a Bruising Workplace.

  5. Shayna

    My last book purchase was 2 x copies of, “Broadsheet’s Unspecified Things That Look Like Ireland” – Irish Press, delivered, not via a drone, or the like, it was via An Phóist, They were giving them away @€5, at the time. I sadly, have given all my copies away as gifts to friends. I would rather a hard-back for my coffee table, I would easily pay, oh, €20?

  6. Murtles

    Free delivery in the UK but usually at least another €8 or €10 to Ireland. Hate when I see a great book online for €5 but delivery is €8

  7. Bruncvik

    I was looking to buy the latest Jamie Oliver book. Eason’s normal store had it for nearly 40, their on-line store for 23 (only an Euro more expensive than Amazon Germany), and the UK Amazon had it for 12.40 Euros after conversion. I added a few more items I already had selected, got over the free shipping threshold, and bought it from the UK.

  8. John

    Eason branches have been using zero hour contracts to keep employees available for work not to have specified hours of work, nor most of the time can they seek other part time work for fear of violating their contract!
    I was one of these people and had to get work secretly on another job in order to get out.
    If they were sound with hours I’d still be there, and guess what they are still at it.

    So Easons are still out for the profit by messing up employees too.

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