Last night.

Gresham Hotel, O’Connell Street, Dublin 1

Sinn Fein deputy leader Mary Lou McDonald ran unopposed as a candidate in the Dublin Central Constituency and formally announced her wish to replace Gerry Adams as President of Sinn Féin.

Touching on recent bullying allegations against the party, Ms McDonald said:

“Where relationships break down or rivalries take hold, where disciplinary issues emerge, it is important that we remember why we each joined Sinn Féin, what we are about as republicans, that we put front and centre our political ambition for a united, equal Ireland

“…It is also important that the rules of the party are respected by every member of our party and that they are applied fairly.”

Ms McDonald also signed the Sinn Féin General Election pledge…


Mary Lou McDonald wants to replace Adams as Sinn Fein president (Belfast Telegraph)


22 thoughts on “Unopposed

  1. Cian

    Interesting. You pledge to work in the interests of Sinn Fein. Not the interests of the people of ireland.

  2. A person

    not a fan of Mary Lou (and how come no media ever photographs her whole body) but she didn’t say that she pledges to work for the interests of SF:

    “that we put front and centre our political ambition for a united, equal Ireland”

    1. Marc

      “Declare my intention to honour this pledge to work in the interests of Sinn Fein and to advance its policies”

      Where exactly in that statement did she not say that she pledges to work for the interests of Sinn Fein?

  3. Joe Small

    How can you trust a political party that has had the same leader unopposed since 1983 and tolerates no internal dissent? I see Mary Lou’s coronation is on-track.

  4. Marc

    “Should I resign as a member of Sinn Fein or should I be expelled from the party for any reason whatsoever that I as an honourable person shall immediately resign my seat”.

    Sinn Fein are saying the seat belongs to Sinn Fein and if you are no longer a member of the party you must resign from Dail Eireann. That doesn’t sound right, does it?

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      They’re not saying the seat belongs to Sinn Fein, don’t be obtuse. Should a TD resign from Dail Eireann, a by-election would be held to replace them. All parties would contest that by-election. The people would decide who to elect. In my view, that’s an entirely appropriate thing to happen.

      When people elect a TD they’re not just voting for them because of them personally, they also vote because of what party that potential TD is in (or not in as the case may be). If something changes radically, like the TD getting booted out of the party, or joining another party (looking at you Stephen Donnelly), the people should have a chance to reconsider their choice.

    1. scottser

      indeed, it’s well known that mary lou has an inner city accent and usually wears tracksuits. the amount of shoplifting charges she has would only make you swoon..

  5. Rob_G

    One leader, who has led unopposed for more than 30 years, being replaced for another leader who is being appointed without an election.

    – isn’t democracy truly a beautiful thing to behold?

      1. Joe Small

        Because that’s how things are done in SF – when was the last contested leadership campaign Frilly?

  6. Friscondo

    Gerry is going nowhere. All major strategic and tactical decisions are made by the army council. Anyone who doesn’t tow the line is shown the door. Sinn Fein is not a normal democratic political party.

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