On The First Chat Of Christmas


Tomorrow night at 10pm.

Broadsheet on the Telly retuns with an Xmas special PRODUCED by showbiz veteran Neil Curran.

Would you like to join our panel from your crib?

Neil writes:

We’d love to hear all about your Christmas…What it means to you, what you love and what you hate about the ‘festive’ season….

You can join us between 10pm-Midnight from anywhere in the world…..Or you can leave an Xmas wish below that will be read out LIVE ‘on air’.

We can’t promise there’ll be no fighting or cursing, but you can expect a typical albeit dysfunctional family get-together.

*pulls cracker*

To join the show Contact Neil at Broadsheet@broaddheet.ie

56 thoughts on “On The First Chat Of Christmas

  1. Shayna

    Loving the graphic, xmasy things going on and all, and in the true spirit of BS commenting types, I’m pondering about the use of the apostrophe.

    1. Woof Woof Frilly Keane

      nathin’ wrong with that apostrophe Shayna
      dats a grand apostrophe

      Will you ever deliver on your promised
      and much hyped
      it has’ta be said
      appearance on De’ BS Chat

      1. Shayna

        “Hyped”, you say? I would doubt that my appearance on “BS On De Telly” would in any way enhance the debates that the current pool of types produce. It’d be pretty much, GAA this, Tyrone that, after all?

  2. Brother Barnabas

    ahem* you’ve written your email address wrong

    (I’d like a “Fixed now. Thanks, Brother” for that)

          1. Harry Molloy

            I don’t think you’re bad. I think you’re someone who thinks they’re bad when in actual fact you are good. You’re a rough diamond.

          2. Brother Barnabas

            I know you don’t. .. I was just playing. I think deep down you love, admire and desire me.

          3. Brother Barnabas

            In fact, I think most of you on this site love, admire and desire me.

            Especially Frilly (probably)

        1. Shayna

          Sorry, @Andyour – I’ve no idea what “It is in its botty” means? I may have been distracted by someone on Radio Na GAA mentioning Tyrone.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            It’s an old Munster GAA phrase, Shayna.

            So, for instance, someone might say, “is that ball put of play?” And you’d respond, “it is in its bottikins”.

          2. LW

            Haha I love the consistency of the moderating here, although in the brother’s context, I feel his ‘botty’ should’ve been left alone

          3. Brother Barnabas

            yeah pretty much

            specifically east cork/cobh types

            so next time you’re in or around east cork, keep in mind that you can answer anything with “I will in me botty”, “you will in your botty” or “it is in its botty-boo”. if in any doubt, go for “it is in its botty”.

            and, actually, if you do end up going on Broadsheet on the Telly, same goes – contribute to any discussion with one of those three.

          4. Shayna

            Without wishing to appear a tad anti-establishment on it, but the p. corrective, changing words on a series of comments completely changes the narrative. Sorry BS, you know I love you, but if a word, such as “bottibumkins” is changed to “botty” across comments, it does make me wonder about my love.

          5. Shayna

            @ Brother, yes, sure – I did have the word “bum bum” in inverted commas, meaning that I was referencing the word, rather than invoking a jihad. It seems, “bippy” turns out to be “bottybumkins”. Paddy this, Paddy that, is tolerated, but “bimbleboo” is beyond the Pale?

  3. Woof Woof Frilly Keane

    Does this mean Santy’s watching and we all have to be good boys and girls in the Chat-Pit?

      1. Woof Woof Frilly Keane

        that’s yerself and meself so on the naughty list Janie

        happy out
        better than been on someone else’s list
        that’s for sure

      1. Bertie Blenkinsop

        And a centre half if he doesn’t trust Gomez yet….
        but what’s not to love about the fab 4? :)

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            It saddens me to say it but I don’t think he fits into Klopp’s pressing style.
            He was incredible in the 13-14 season but he’s clearly a confidence player and consequently seems to be trying too hard and over thinking things when he does get a chance to play.

            If I were his agent I’d be looking for a move in Jan.

  4. Frilly Keane I've been a good girl all year

    Still no stuff about the stuff him off the telly was looking for

    here’ I’ll Start so
    Ideal Christmas Day: In me JimJams ‘ating Marks n’Spenser Trifles
    (the result of years of packed smelly trains, grumpy disinterested parents, and bad roads, tail backs and pot holes – if ye were wondering)
    Worst Christmas Present: Packet of Lemsip
    Best Christmas Present: Air Fryer
    Favourite Grub; Puddin’
    Shift under the Mistletoe: That lad in the Shurt
    Best thing about Christmas: The Dos!

    Ho Ho Ho everyone

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