Simon Harris is nothing if not precocious. The 31-year-old Irish health minister was briefly tipped as a contender for the leadership of his center-right Fine Gael party earlier this year before he ruled himself out, saying he didn’t have enough experience.

But Harris is no political ingénue: He was the only minister not to back the winner, now-Prime Minister Leo Varadkar, and still keep his job.

“It’s not for me to guess why he did that,” Harris, a slight figure with a rapid-fire delivery, says with a laugh. “There’s a very exciting dynamic now in Irish politics…”

Minister for Health Simon Harris’s inclusion at Number 15 in the Politico class of 2018


Politico 28 – Who To Watch In 2018 (Politico)

11 thoughts on “Waiting List

  1. joke bloke

    just being young seems to be the trick. he’s done nothing else. he’s made lots of promises but hasn’t ever done anything. but if you come across as smart, and you’re young, our electorate will fill in the gaps themselves. It’s frustrating to live in a country held back by the stubborn, ignorance of the average person.

    1. Malta

      Are not all countries held back by the ignorance of the average person? Except, I dunno, Scandinavians?

      1. joke bloke

        yea probably.. I forget that when i get caught up in our own country, but yea, most probably suffer the same restraints.

          1. joke bloke

            well yes, i would certainly hold myself to be of better stock than the majority of the plebs fumbling through life voting FF/FG

  2. postmanpat

    What is with all the boring political soap opera articles on Broadsheet lately ? Jesus, talk about boring. What person in their right mind is into reading about up and coming movers and shakers of politics according to some pundit who is simply parroting someone else opinions and will turn out to be wrong the next day? “People to watch in 2018”? zzzzzzzzz

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