I Don’t Want A Lot


All I Want
after M. Carey & V. Salt

All I want for Christmas is a bio
of Bertolt Brecht, and to see
a neo-classical economist
lowered into the nearest available
septic tank.

All I want for Hanukkah is Engels’
Condition of the Working Class in England,
and legislation to allow the landlord
be restrained with bailing twine
in his own garden shed
‘til he agrees to reduce the rent.

All I want for Eid is a performance
of The Three Penny Opera in our living room,
and a world in which every child is given,
free of charge, a hot water bottle fashioned
from a former Minister for Housing’s bladder.

All I want for Diwali is Hugh MacDiarmid’s skull
so I can share a whiskey with it of an evening, and Sophie
Scholl’s, or failing that, Arthur Scargill’s backbone
so I can use it to publicly disembowel those
who come out on Facetwit for repealing
the Eighth Amendment the day after
we vote to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

All I want for the Tool Box Killer’s birthday
is to personally fix a scold’s bridle between
the Editor of the Daily Mail’s clacking jaws
(and up any other part of him in danger of talking)
and to live to see the Crime Correspondent
of the Sunday World finally sent
to landfill for journalistically pleasuring
one Chief Superintendant too many.

Kevin Higgins


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8 thoughts on “I Don’t Want A Lot

  1. missred

    From the way he lists those he has a mild grudge against, I’m guessing Kev wasn’t invited along with them to join the panel on Vincent Browne….

  2. mildred st. meadowlark

    I just…

    I don’t understand it. So much vitriol for a poem about Christmas.
    Sort of.

    It’s a sort-of Christmas poem.

  3. Sean

    When Kevin goes postal, which presumably is any day now, can this be used as evidence in court?


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