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So we took An Garda Siochana’s yearly performance for issuing fines for parking illegally in cycling lanes over a full year (in the full country) and our community worked to beat that figure in one week on their daily commutes. Above are the provisional results. #freethecyclelanes

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  1. curmudgeon

    The Garda response to this is probably that their hardworking members are overstretched and under resourced and will need at least several more million of overtime to combat this.

    1. Paps

      Time to bring back traffic wardens? Create Jobs, enforce the law, make cycling safer and more enjoyable. They would pay for themselves, especially if they could issue fines for RLJ and stopping in yellow boxes.

  2. postmanpat

    I don’t get it .Is it the number of Garda fines against illegally parked cars on cycle lanes Versus IBike own observations of cars they saw on parked on a cycle lane one time? Issuing pretend fines for statistical purposes for comparison? Is IBike a group of cyclists counting cars or just one guy? And how do they not double count by accident. Explain somebody please.

    1. edalicious

      You needed a photo with visible reg and a time for your photo to count. I was going to join in but, tbh, I was never hooped stopping and taking my phone out because I’m basically always late for everything.

  3. Sam

    Just wait until next year, they’ll have figures showing over a million motorists nicked in bike lanes in Dublin alone!

  4. Diddy

    You can’t park opposite a solid white line be it the a cycle lane or centre road line. A lot of people don’t know that

  5. Murtles

    If the Gardaí’s only job was to catch motorists parking in cycle lanes like ye, then I’m sure they’d be able to issue plenty more tickets. It’s just the other pesky part of their job that involves hundreds of other tasks that get in the way. I’m sure a barman could pull a record number of pints in one day if that’s all he had to do.

    1. manolo

      There are, iirc, 680 traffic corps officers. That is less than one ticket per YEAR for each officer. Their business is traffic, this is a traffic issue. And you think this is an acceptable level of performance? I’m in the wrong job.

      1. Increasing_Displacement

        Their only traffic duty is not spotting cars parked, grow up, I’d image their plate is full like all garda

  6. Fionn

    Great job.

    Now, when can they start teaching cyclists to stop breaking red lights?
    I nearly killed a Deliveroo guy at the weekend in the city centre as he decided continue through a junction, adjacent to me ( well after the red light against him)) and then cut right in front of me.
    The pay is not great, but no delivery job is worth dying for.
    In fairness to him , he probably thought that since the bus he was following had gone through he could too.
    He was a heck of a lot slower than the bus.
    Two wrongs do not make a right.

    1. IonaLotOfProblems

      At least he/she wasn’t driving the bus you mentioned… imagine how dangerous a reckless driver on 4 wheel could be.
      Thank god you pointed out the dangerous cyclist though. Killers those pesky cyclists.

  7. Ronan

    What are iBike Dublin’s figures for drug seizures, or patrols in gangland areas, or suspicious deaths investigated, or burglaries responded to….

    My point being, the Gardai have to police everything, not just cars parked in bike lanes, and it’s only to be expected that they would prioritise and perhaps maybe just not deem this particular offence to be as important as some others.

    I also look forward to ibike’s figures for cyclists breaking the red light turning left from Stephens Green East to Stephens Green North, or cycling the wrong way down Merrion Row. I see both literally on a daily or twice daily basis.

    1. manolo

      The I BIKE Dublin’s team did it mostly on their way to work. Their performance per head was 10,171 times higher that the Gardai’s full-time and fully paid team.

      The Gardai is seriously underperforming and picking which laws they want to apply. If they can’t look after the safety of people walking and cycling, then maybe they shouldn’t be paid to do it.

          1. Cian

            Data from 2014. Garda had the following fixed charge notices:
            Seatbelts 9,562; Mobile Phones 24,667; Speeding 171,810
            so they were doing something traffic related in 2014;

            there were also 6,458 “Driving while intoxicated”. Personally if the choice is for the Gardaí to stop drunk drivers or ticket cars in cycle lanes – I’d go with the drunk drivers.

            http://www.garda.ie/Controller.aspx?Page=12511&Lang=1 [1]
            [1] granted they lied about the drink driving checkpoints…

  8. eric cartman

    what are the bike stats on breaking red lights, incorrect use of one way streets and cutting people off ? If I was traffic core my hand would have fallen off having to write down cyclists details every day for the thousands of offences they commit.

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