In the apology RTÉ acknowledged that it made mistakes and failed to comply with its statutory duty under the Broadcasting Act during the programme broadcast on 24 October 2011.

It acknowledged that it should have verified the origin of the tweet [go to 5 min 15 seconds above], and the tweet should not have been erroneously attributed to another candidate’s Twitter account.

RTÉ also acknowledged that it should not have broadcast the tweet and when it became apparent that it was false, it should have immediately corrected the fact that the provenance of the tweet was mistaken.

….[Paul] Tweed [Sean Gallagher’s solicitorsaid RTÉ’s apology had been supported by the payment of “substantial damages” although he said the terms of the settlement were confidential.

G’wan the licence fee!

RTÉ apologises and pays Gallagher settlement over tweet (RTÉ)


24 thoughts on “Soz

    1. Andrew

      He would have been awful but he was in pole position. Why? I don’t know.
      I have given up trying to understand why people vote for individuals like this guy.
      Still, he has a nice pay off now thanks to the taxpayer.
      RTE proving themselves to be an amateur organisation once again.

          1. Nigel

            Pfft! By engaging with him in robust debate I have chased him off the internet and into the comforting arms of a Slovakian gardener. Apparently. But I am sick and bored today. I shall try to give him the LJG treatment in future.

          2. Killian G

            It is true though that that there is an odd tolerance for his racism by the powers that be in BS. Nobody else would get away with it. As an example, in his comment above, he calls MDH a “gimp”. I have actually no problem with that – free speech etc, even though it is a pejorative opinion that many would find offensive. However, I replied “Better a gimp as head of state than an inbred”. Describing the queen of england as an “inbred” is not a pejorative opinion – it is a medical fact. She is around 35% inbred, as are all other members of their royal family. However, my comment was removed. Offensive opinion permitted, medical fact not. Why? I believe it is because BS is anti-EU and pro-Brexit so welcomes this viewpoint. Personally, I do, too – but I differ in my belief that his racism and childishness and general ignorance outweighs the benefit of a dissenting voice.

            Now, BS… will this comment be allowed?

    1. Brother Barnabas

      He was leading in the polls at the time. And ended up coming second with around 30% of the vote.

  1. Ronán FitzGerald

    The tweet may have been fake.. But the info was 100% accurate and true… as acknowledged by the man himself with his answer….

  2. Christopher

    Honestly torn on this one- obviously RTE mess up and disrupted the democratic process in an amateurish indefensible way- however it lead to the downfall of the most inexplicably popular candidate in the field- I would have had that FG plank over him even at the time. It worrys me that the national broadcaster has such a strong influence on public opinion yet they seem so inept and prone to calamities like this. Maybe Ireland deserved President Gallagher?

  3. JFM

    He shouldn’t get a cent !! The tweet was accurate.
    Did his lump sum from RTE come in an envelope??
    We are a better country for not having him as our President, and we are better again for having Micheal D.

  4. brianna

    I thought David Norris’s comment on the night was brilliant. “I think the mention of an envelope (or as he said “onvelope”) was rather unfortunate”.

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