All Will Become Clear


The latest drop by ‘qanon’ on 8chan

Chompsky: “Bodger, what on earth is this about now?”

Bodger: “Qanon.”

Chompsky: “What?”

Bodger: “A person close to Donald Trump who has been leaving cryptic messages like the ones above on the websites 4chan and 8chan since October 31.”

Chompsky: “About what?”

Bodger: “Child trafficking and taking down the ‘Deep State’, the Clintons, Obama, the Bushes and several oligarch globalists like George Soros. Full thread here.”

Chompsky. “Is this what you’ve been doing all Christmas?”

Bodger: “Sort of.”

Chompsky: “I thought you were working. Why I haven’t heard about qanon?

Bodger: “Mainstream media won’t touch it.”

Chompsky: “Why not?”

Bodger: It’s both fantastically complex and involves them. Events quickened on December 21 following the ecexutive order signed by Trump declaring a national state of emergency and allowing the US Treasury to confiscate property from “corrupt entities” in the US and across the world.

Chompsky: Can you briefly  summarise in graphic form what it’s about?

Bodger: “Sure…

Chompsky: ‘Ah here.”

Bodger: “Dastardly and complex, right”

Chompsky: “The doodles of a raving lunatic.”

Bodger: “All will become clear in the coming days and weeks, according to qanon. Meanwhile, can I suggest you follow the twitter hashtag qanon and the reportage of New York journalist vlogger Lionel Nation for updates.”

Chompsky: “You’re on your own Bodge. The site can only take so much ridicule.”

Bodger: “I am sure the readers will appreciate the opportunity to add their reasoned and  thoughtful views on the subject.”


Bodger: “FIGHT!”

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101 thoughts on “All Will Become Clear

      1. Qanon Keane

        An’ d’ya know wha’ else Brudder
        I’ve a tingfoil silver Barbarella Bikini n’all

        And it fits

        1. Qanon Keane

          Just tink’in now
          When I get me bits done next
          I’d better watch what they’re up ta with that hot wax

  1. ReproBertie

    Is this the same conspiracy that linked Chrissy Tiegen and John Legend to Pizzagate because a commercial flight they were on was turned around?

    The same conspiracy that reckons hundreds of celebrities have been arrested, tried and convicted, all in secret, and are only free to walk around as if nothing happened because they don’t want to spook the other people involved?

    1. Daisy Chainsaw

      But but but she dressed her daughter as a hotdog, and in Alice in Wonderland costumes. These are on the official paedo list of things to dress your kids in to get other paedos to pay attention to your kids. She also uses the pizza emoji because she says she likes to eat, but pizza… gate… pizzagate!!


  2. wellness

    With my little finger I touch thee Chompsky on the nose and attempt to convert you to “my” ways.

    Kind regards,


  3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    “Here, Mary, did we get that delivery of tinfoil hats?”
    “We did, Graham.”
    “Well, send them on to Broadsheet. They need them, stat.”
    “Okey dokey: I’m on it.”

  4. dav

    welcome to /pol/ leave you common sense at the door and start screaming racist, anti-Semitic comments at the top of yer lungs

    1. Yeah, Ok

      That’s where we blueshirts concoct our dastardly schemes to kill the homeless and feed them to your kids, so stay away.

      1. dav

        ye couldn’t plan a pis*up in a brewery, ye just take the vulture fund money and stay quiet as they add to the every growing number of homeless citizens in this state.

    1. Toe up


  5. Cloud

    I’ve always said conspiracy theorists, the real deep-dive ones, have a lot in common with the religious folk. It comes from a certain type of mind that simply cannot accept that there is no order in the universe. Everything is all f*ed up, but for them it’s not because the world’s a twisted place and this planet is wasted on us. No no no, it’s because it’s god’s will, or the deep state’s will. Or both. But both camps are willing to accept this as incontrovertible truth on the most flimsy of evidence, usually just some words that someone put on a piece of paper.

    NOPE, this thing I really want to believe is 100% true, because look: it says it right here on this piece of paper.

  6. LW

    So Chompsky and Bodger are not the same person?

    I was only wondering this morning if that proof Bodger promised was ever presented

        1. Daisy Chainsaw

          It’s like one of those “End of the World” prophesies. The world will end at midnight, but it doesn’t specify which midnight… and is a load of old cobblers anyway because all the prophesies have been wrong.

          1. LW

            They’ve all been wrong so far, but my brand new, bullet proof, fully organic, non GMO end of the world prediction has yet to be proven wrong. For only 99.99 I’ll reveal the secret 4th secret of Fatima, and the day the apocalypse is coming, give you a chance to complete Netflix before we’re all flung into the fiery pit

  7. italia'90

    Hi Bodger/Chompsky and happy new orbit to you all.
    You might want to look into this explosive scandal emerging in London. Within 24 hrs of bringing a 25 year veteran of the Met Police into the Houses of Parliament, why was Mike Penning(now Sir Mike) sacked as minister?
    Much closer political ties to Dublin and the EU, and more than one credible whistle blower.
    There was more to Damien Green’s resignation which is blatantly being ignored by the news outlets.
    What was the establishments response? Attack the whistle blowers. Sound familiar?

    First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

  8. edalicious

    I remember how shocked we all were when nothing happened after the last time Bodger said “All will become clear in the coming days and weeks”.

    It looks like they’ve finally managed to come up with a Grand Unified Conspiracy Theory. I thought you would have at least drawn the line at Reptilians, Bodger.

  9. Not On Your Nelly

    Worrying to think these people have the power to moderate comments.

    The snake eats itself and then goes back for seconds.

    Inmates, asylum etc.

  10. some old queen

    Passport system goes down, Guantanamo security beefed up, containers being tracked, Christmas holidays being extended, plane crashes, there are certainly a lot of coincidences but Julian Assange in the States working with Trump? Seriously?

    I wonder if all this is really just white noise to cover up something about to go down in Iran.

  11. Tom Tum

    you can find this stuff interesting, or silly, but rest assured, it’s basically cover for anti-semitism

  12. Amorphous Kerry Blob

    Bodger, do you believe everything in that whiterabbit.jpeg above?
    It says the word ‘reptilians’ for example.
    Do you believe certain powerful people are reptilian?

    1. some old queen

      Well maybe it ties into the ‘walnut juice’ one tagged. Children being specifically bred and kept captive to have the fluid in their andelene glands extracted for consumption by aliens? Of course this all pro Trump and anti Democrat. Makes you wonder what it’s real purpose is.

      1. LW

        I am not. I haven’t produced a graph to that effect either, so I don’t think anyone could reasonably believe I am

  13. tarfton clax

    That diagram has bits from Stargate Atlantis and Lord of the Rings… Seriously…. You’d want to be on Spine of God era Dave Wyndorf levels of acid to believe this was anything but lunacy.

    1. LW

      Either me or this graph is dumb. It’s like a word association game with added scribbles, to make it even more unintelligible. I particularly like how everything is presented without context. David Icke and Alex Jones both name checked, are they prophets or pariahs under this unified theory of everything?

  14. Shayna

    No sign of Charger Farage, so I think I’m okay to leave a comment? Happy NY to all concerned BS-wise. Tenuous links to seemingly unconnected people/events/disasters is the basis to all conspiracy theory; the second shooter at Dallas, CIA connections to Lee Harvey Oswald, MI5/MI6 to Princess Diana’s death, there’s a certain truth buried in most conspiracy theories. “Catcher In The Rye” seems to contribute heavily in certain of these theories, but given @65 million copies have been sold since publication in the 50s, it’s easy to attribute a connection.
    Iran is clearly a country that internally is suffering from harsh law and poverty. Any tin-foil hat that Bodger chooses to wear to draw attention to the fact, I welcome. (I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but, I think we know someone who is?).

    1. Qanon Keane

      Hey Shaz
      HNY to you too

      Anyway I think Char’age is a shift worker
      When he’s on duty here he’s nonstop
      Then he goes to his other shift job
      For another 48 hrs

      1. Shayna

        HNY to you also Frilly. Shaz? I really don’t think it fits. You were on Shay for a bit, that’s okay. The Charger guy was really mean to me, he accused me of being Irish.

        1. Qanon Keane

          Shur yer are Shay
          You’re one’ah us
          Don’t be trying to let on you’re from the Ormeau Road
          Would ya prefer Paddy?

          ( Btw I shorthand everyones name Shayna, don’t read an’ting inta it)

          1. Shayna

            Stillorgan Road, Dublin born, Tyrone reared, England educated, now Lisburn Road, Belfast living. I’m really not pretending anything.
            Also Frilly, I’ve been to Cork, what is up with your text?
            Sure, it’s great for the most part, then you go into one? I love the hill in the city, how steep it is, and the last time I was there, Jury’s Hotel was great, I got a tan sitting by the hotel pool in May one year. I was the autocue operater for a conference on Murphys – I admitted my affinity to the Dublin variety, which altogether didn’t go down terribly well.

          2. Qanon Keane

            Go into one????
            What sorta mood are you FFS?

            All I did was blaggard a bit about you being wound up by Char’age calling you Irish.

            Cheezus t’night
            Conspiracy season is underway alright

            I don’t bother explaining in any great detail a bit about where I’m from girl

            I don’t need ta’

        1. Shayna

          Char’age – yes I can see it!! HNY Go A Way.
          Anyhoos, Frilly, when I say you go into one, it’s meant kindly. Jeez I’m Tyronienne, all we know is winning All-Irelands, (Football). I’ve always had a soft spot for Cork types.

  15. :-Joe

    Very funny lads… are people actually looking at that diagram and trying to make sense of it?…

    I had a quick look at the pdf doc and it looks like the usual madness…. a pizzagate 2.0 and probably just a bit of fun for someone with a fertile imagination and a huge bunch of willing participants.

    Why so many people eat this up is interesting. It’s possible at least half of the information in it is factually correct and useful but like advertising amongst many other things, the questions is which half?

    To dismiss this as mere conspiracy theory is a bit of a lazy cop out. The rise in conspiracy theorsts has it’s roots in, -guess what?…. Actual real conspiracies and campaigns of misinformtion etc. the state against the public that slowly became understood over 50 years in the US and elsewhere, unfortunately in wildly varying degrees with every possible explanation from one person to the next.

    In a world of media built on misinformation, coersion, conformity and control… and generally bare faced lies and absolute corruption everywhere you look… you end up with this at some point. It’s like a weird surrealist radio play from another dimension and many are happy to play along for all sorts of perfectly normal, sometimes strange and mostly mundane reasons. The one fact remains though, some of it is actually true but good luck figuring that out.

    Bodger is just pointing at what will probably trend over the next few weeks and eventually reach mainstream overload in the media as people(with too much spare time) speculate over who the author is and might be in the US government… maybe something good will come from it, who knows?


  16. mildred st. meadowlark

    Well this is satisfyingly mental enough for your first day back lads.

    Super job. More of this.

  17. Spud

    Guardian on Wednesday has headline of ‘calm before the storm’.
    Clearly a nod to all this.
    Could be about some storm about to hit…. must be about the lizard peoples though

  18. spudnick

    Part of this magnificent grand unified theory I’ve been reading about has it that Trump has actually been playing a masterclass in bluff politics; that he has masterfully orchestrated the allegations that he is linked to Russia in order to trigger Mueller to get to work, but – Mueller is actually investigating the Dems, the Clintons and Obama who ACTUALLY conspired with Russia! Trump is apparently playing chess like a grandmaster in his heroic attempts to take down the ‘Deep State.’

    You have to admire that sheer obduracy of the conspiracy boys in going to crazy lengths to avoid Occam’s razor. Lads, he’s a charming oaf who rode a wave. He was even blaming the ‘deep state’/rigged elections when he thought he was going to lose.

  19. Casey

    and this is how Broadsheet NUKE any credibility they have as a news / opinion source….

    Some stuff worth reading unlike this modern toss….

      1. Qanon Keane

        Ah stop
        Would ya

        There’s no undermining
        Or diminishing
        Or even doubting
        All that great work
        And there’s absolutely no reason why any Broadsheet reader can’t expect that accuracy, diligence and steadfast grip on stories the others can’t run to continue

    1. The Real Shrimply Pibbles

      Well, I think it’s pretty well established that they are watching…all of us! Thanks Ed Snowdon. Paranoia increase/decrease depending on how much bad shit you’ve done.

  20. ReproBertie

    OK, here’s what we’ve got: the Rand Corporation, in conjunction with the saucer people — under the supervision of the reverse vampires — are forcing our parents to go to bed early in a fiendish plot to eliminate the meal of dinner… We’re through the looking glass here people.

  21. SB

    Speaking of conspiracy theories, does anyone else find it suspicious that Gardaí prevented journalists from attending the bail hearing for the boy accused of attacking the woman in Dun Laoghaire recently? A connected father or something?

      1. spudnick

        I love it. If you can’t be bothered reading the papers, it’s clearly a cover-up by the media.

  22. Yellow Cheese Dog


    You know that the anon screen cap is not Q right? He/she/they haven’t posted since Christmas day.

    You’re not trying to post Fake News are you?

    If I’m wrong post the link.

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