Not Boxy, But Good


This morning

Mansion House, Dublin 2

David Thomas, MD of Volvo Car Ireland presents Lord Mayor of Dublin Mícheál MacDonncha, with the first car registered in the capital in 2018.

Tradition dictates that the first citizen of Dublin has the first car registered in Dublin each year for use as transport for official engagements.

Mr MacDonncha chose the Volvo S90 for his 181 D 1 registration.

Call, in fairness.

Leon Farrell/Photocall Ireland

35 thoughts on “Not Boxy, But Good

    1. Martco

      it’s been a long time since Volvo were Volvo but shows the Chinese can make decent cars I suppose

  1. Jonnnny

    Why are there so many slobs in Irish politics.
    Suit jacket with mismatched trousers.
    Bottom jacket button fastened.
    Trousers too long.
    No tie and open neck done horribly with visible undershirt.

    1. Barry the Hatchet

      In fairness, this is not a problem limited to politics. Most men don’t wear suits that fit well. Excessively long trousers is my personal bugbear.

      1. Anomanomanom

        I’ll only wear suits with long trousers, maybe not excessively long but a bit longer than most people like.

    2. Elizabeth Mainwaring

      He needs to represent his voters. I’m only surprised he’s not in a pair of grey tracksuit bottoms and a Celtic shirt.

      1. Naomi

        Elizabeth, your own MPs in London are a sorrily dressed rabble of reprobates so put a sock in it.

    1. Killian G

      An absolute disgrace actually and shows qyite a bit about politicians disdain for us. So in two General Elections, the electorate opt NOT to elect Mícheál MacDonncha (he even got co=opted as a councilor when Killian Forde vacated). Despite that his fellow cronies in DCC stick him in the top job even though public in his own constituency said no to him. Two fingers again from political establishment to people of this country.

  2. the bottler

    No BIK… car is used for “official engagements”. His Mammy would not be proud of his get up!

  3. Frilly Keane

    Is the Lord Mayor wearing Docs?

    Lucky divil btw
    Love a new Volvo meself

    If they’re looking for a Brand Ambassador like
    Well they might

    1. JFM

      Yep, that’s him. I heard him on the Joe Duffy wireless last week and he’s a thundering disgrace – you can probably get the podcast. He made my blood boil. I’m not a huge Geldolf fan but he was treated in a shocking way by this *^%)&! And look at he state of him! A thundering disgrace I say…

  4. the bottler

    There are not enough concerned people at local level to stand up to the insiders who gain a foothold on the democratic process. We need a leader/advocate to emerge.

  5. Kolmo

    The Mayor wasn’t put in the Mayoral position as a result of his sartorial elegance, what non-shallow people should be asking is whether or not the gent a successful politician?

    He is being handed the keys to a brand new volvo to waft around in – so the answer is yes.

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