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A Homelessness and the Housing Crisis Special as Martin McMahon (above right) and Tony Groves Left) are joined in the ‘tortoise shack’ by Mel Reynolds (centre), architect, project manager, “certified passive house designer: and writer with Village magazine.

Martin writes:

Mel has the tenacity to take the Department of Housing reports, the Rebuilding Ireland Reports and even the Oireachtas Housing Reports, read them, cut through the spin and get to the facts.

Needless to say, Mel’s work is and should be the starting point for people who want to know what the real numbers are and what are the solutions.

In part 1 Mel explains why the underlying assumptions on the housing market are wrong, and have been wrong for 40 years; Why an affordable home cannot be built by the private sector currently; Why the government housing stats, putting it mildly, aren’t reliable; Why it’s a Landlords market; The Land Casino that is the relationship between new house prices and land prices; Can we get a real affordable housing scheme?; The HAP Trap and why Fine Gael are financially illiterate here…

Part 2 tomorrow.

The Echo Chamber

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