Meme Stream Media


This afternoon.

Just a sample of the thousands of memes prepared ahead of tomorrow’s Fake News Awards presented by US President Donald Trump.

The awards will be given to “the most dishonest and corrupt news media” at a ceremony in the White House.

Seems legit.


Seriously though, fingers crossed for The Tonight Show With Stephen Colbert


16 thoughts on “Meme Stream Media

  1. jeremy kyle

    This is kinda like picking up a load of rubbish off the street and plonking it down on the kitchen table.

  2. The Ghost of Starina

    Definitely the actions of a democratic President of sound mind, and not of an insecure dictator-in-making. “Fake news” is nothing more than “critical coverage”

  3. rotide

    Posting memes from the endless echo chamber of twitter is the sure sign of a trustworthy news source

  4. Narky Anne

    And here boys and girls is the poo poo you could have had…….
    Oh no, wait, here is the reality you have……

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