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Mark Sandys, Global Head of Beer, Diageo, at the launch of Open Gate Pure Brew, “a full flavoured, NON-ALCOHOLIC beer“.


Says Mark:

Fully brewed and fully fermented with an ABV of 0.5%, Open Gate Pure Brew is available in 330ml bottles and will be initially rolled out to 250 pubs in Dublin from January 2018 with wider distribution nationally in Ireland from March.


Open Gate

12 thoughts on “Fake Booze

  1. Zaccone

    Lets see what price it ends up being. Given so much of the price of a normal pint is government duty it always blows my mind that non-alcoholic beers end up costing pretty much the exact same as their alcoholic cousins in pubs. Surely they should be 2 or 3eur cheaper. Where is all that extra profit going – the publican or the brewer?

    1. Bonkers

      At 0.5% ABV there is next to no alcohol is this, you could easily drive on it which might be the market it is aimed at

  2. On The Buses

    Diageo poo. Don’t pay any attention to anything the Open House do. It’s just a trick to make people think it’s some artisanal bunch of hipsters ponsing around in a wonka-esque dream factory. In reality British owned Diageo’s brewery that takes up 60+ acres of prime land in the middle of Dublin city is an industrial ethanol producer, they have swindled the people of Ireland for long enough.

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