36 thoughts on “It’s A Fakedown

    1. ReproBertie

      And the Daily Mail! The revolution is eating itself!

      “Better be a poor fisherman than meddle with the government of men”

      1. Cool_Hand_Lucan

        Eventually the alt-right will only trust news from a paranoid middle aged recluse who lives in his mum’s basement and has a good broadband connection.

  1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

    Don’t swallow that bullpoo: swallow ours!
    It’s a good message.
    Though I never swallow.

  2. stephen lane

    The ” Media” has always been propaganda skewed according to the agenda of the agency issuing the information. I dont just mean in the last decade, or the last century, or indeed the last millennia.

    Anyone who simply swallows up the whatever propaganda is being dished out, is just naive.

    CNN? NBC? BBC? RTE? ITV? RT? France 24? – its all just propaganda. They are ALL issuing thair own flavour of nonsense. Does that mean that all news is fake news? No. If the actual news suits your agenda then it can be disseminated correctly. However if an event runs contrary to your agenda, you just either (a) dont report it, or (b) misreport it.

    Its a trick thats been around since the Egyptians carved our their hieroglyphs.
    There is only one way to really figure out whats going on. Try to watch ALL the media, mainstream and independent new media, on all sides and use your intelligence and logic to figure out where the truth lies.

    1. some old queen

      Fair point. Over the past 30 odd years in ROI/NI, what was reported came second to what wasn’t. Unconscious consumer bias plays a part but omission is a deliberate decision.

    2. :-Joe

      I mostly agree but you have a flaw in your logic…

      If you watched all the news and all the media your also watching all the different biases too.

      You may also be assuming that all the news is being reported somewhere whether it’s in the media market of both the country you reside in or in other countries around the world.

      If your not near the level of Noam Chomsky, just read Broadsheet and be extremely sceptical before being even more selective about the rest.

      Another good one is the the financial times. It’s a filthy record of past and future financial machinations but it’s a fairly benign and accurate as a news source however brief that may be.. .

      I personally get all my most critical and important factual news reporting from birthmarks I spot in celebrity breast and bottom pictures in the tabloids.


  3. Nigel

    That snopes thing seems more salacious than anything else. The embezzlement is hardly the fault of the guy, and so what if the other woman is an ex-hooker? Is there something wrong with that? Do you really want to be throwing up that sort of thing without comment or context? What do the people who made this think of their president paying hush-money to a pornstar? No wait let me guess.

    1. Nigel

      Can you get that all onto a concise and witty meme without focusing on the previous professional experience of the woman?

  4. Not Gerry Adams

    Still waiting for some detail from Bodger on #Qanon. Still nothing happening with it… weird huh? Almost like the whole thing is a load of cobblers.

    1. Spud

      But maybe it’s *supposed* to appear like nothing is happening…. which in fact is really what is happening, or what is foretold or something.

  5. jimmey__russell

    Ok can we get rid of bodger now?!?!?! Snopes is a trusted fact checking site it has long been established as a verified source drunpf is LITERALLY hitler the press in the united states has NEVER been this oppressed and in danger we need to get rid of him now and alt-Reich supporters like bodger

    1. ivan

      I suspect the trick might be to give this sort of post the LJG treatment.

      Commenting ‘oh no, not this again’ etc etc only encourages The Bodge.

  6. DeKloot

    This is all rather underwhelming. I mean, there should be at least a ‘Golden *snigger* Snowflake’ trophy presented to each winner…. A little bit of that famous ol’ Trumpesque razzle dazzle…. Class it up a bit, like.

  7. :-Joe

    Traditional US corporate broadcast news started to die a while ago… and it needs to be put down and out of it’s miserable existence as a maximum for-profit advertising motivated enterprise.

    I think it was around the time ” The Net” film was released but you can’t blame Sandra Bullock for everything unrelated to public transport.

    Trump, for all his…. ok, he’s mostly just one entire gigantic fault in the universe,… Hes actually doing the US a favour here without actually realising his daft ideas and protests are running in parallel to the issues that are in fact a real problem but for real and genuine reasons.

    Like Johnny Mnemonic or a blackhole anti-meme, he’s doing something similar and having an effect with the pseudo winter-games peace treaty about to happen in Korea.

    Hmmm… Insane man-child dictator we know or….? Yay.. tell the media and them other serfs we’re doing it for Peace….etc. etc.


    1. Nigel

      I can guarantee you this: he is not doing you a favour, but he’s successfully conning you into thinking he is.

    1. DeKloot

      Same place as the stockpile of kerosene and salt to, you know, scorch and and salt the earth with…. If they can’t have it, nobody else can….

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