Are You Sound?


How To Be Sound.

A new podcast by journalist Rosemary McCabe.

Episode 1: Tampons V mooncups, the cloth nappy comeback and what CAN we recycle?

Rosemary writes:

Don’t you just wish we could all be a little bit more sound to each other?

For years now I’ve been trying to be sound which is why I’m launching a brand new podcast where I talk to people who are better at life than me and hopefully learn a little bit about how to be sound.

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Thanks Liam

27 thoughts on “Are You Sound?

  1. Dinger

    This could be fantastic but the title irritates me so I’m going to presume I dislike it and not listen

        1. anne

          Lots aren’t sound… and some of us also have to work at it.

          For instance, you are headed towards the check see someone scurrying in ahead of you to get there first, you don’t scurry faster when you’re trying to be sound.. you let people ahead of you.

          When you’re trying to be sound, when someone apologises for something, you say no problem.

          You give people the benefit of the doubt when you’re trying to be sound.

          You don’t get annoyed when people brush off you in busy places when you’re trying to be sound.

          You have manners & are patient when you’re trying to be sound.

          Unless of course you’re perfect..forget the above.

          1. anne

            Thanks Harold. I like to think others are not trying their best to be a pain in the botty, when I’m feeling sound.

          2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            genuine question are the things you mentioned there things you have to make an effort at ?

          3. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            just cause I reckon find it easier to be decent when they are less stressed and happier
            no one’s perfect I agree with your point but would worry why that sort of underlying tension is there

  2. Clampers Outside!

    ” “If you see a man taking up a lot of room for himself and his crotch…” Just one highlight from the first Patreon-only minisode of How to be Sound ”

    You got one thing right, you do need those lessons :)

  3. Yeah, Ok

    Hey broadsheet, tell me what I’m doing here to have all my comments deleted?? What’s your angle?

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