Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10pm)


Give us 120 minutes.

We’ll bring the natter.

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10pm streaming LIVE above and on our YouTube channel

Join a panel of your peers plus surprise guests as they try to make sense of the news of the week.

Matters will include the Disclosures Tribunal, Joanne Hayes, Dolores O’Riordan , trackers and  ludicrous, ‘Qanon‘-based ‘tin foil chat’ with ‘Preposterous’.

Some swearing.

All welcome.

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30 thoughts on “Broadsheet On The Telly TONIGHT (10pm)

  1. Not Gerry Adams

    don’t forget #Qanon – would be great if someone from broadsheet had the shtones to go on video and explain what they think about this BS conspiracy theory

          1. Chrome autofilling settings


            Have you been reading the chat-pit recently?
            It’s mostly ‘Hello xxxx’ or ‘Goodnight xxxx’, interspersed with a few links to sites for single gentlemans.

            It should be interactive.
            Think about it…

            No, think about it…

  2. rotide

    Disclosures: “i mean it’s incredible, it just goes to show that we’re a banana republic really”
    Kerry Babies: “Jaysus the poor woman, dreadful what they did to her. It just goes to show that we’re a banana republic really”
    Dolores: “Poor dolores, I remember dancin to zombie back in the day” (bonus rant from Johnny about how The Cranberries represent the downtrodden and linger should be the new national anthem)
    Qanon “eeeeehmm, i mean like, you know, you just look at this stuff, and like, ehhhmm, like, it’s all out there, you know?”

    Plus an hour of Vanessa talking non stop.

    1. Frilly Keane

      you missed the elephant in every room Rottie

      btw, I think yer wan Vanessa laughs too much
      she’s fierce giddy

      shur why don’t you go on and interrupt her
      shut her up like
      I’d say she be delighted
      she must be sick of having to listen to Johnny Peace Man at this stage

  3. Hicksonian

    I think you made move the right move with the escapology Johnny. This house crisis echo chamber is getting nobody anywhere. A pointless exercise in white noise making when there is too much at stake. Christ, just put the planning in place. CPO the fupp out of Dublin and tax the land hoarders. Make things happen. Now.

  4. Paddy at the Howth Summit

    Barf. The AirPods couple.

    330 Euros of millennial narcissism.

    Jobseeker Allowance: Maximum personal rate aged 25€152.80

    1. Clampers Outside!

      If they were AKAI or Bush or AIWA would it make a difference? I dunno. But, ya know wha’ I do know? When you add a ‘T’ to AIWA and stick an ‘N’ on the end you get TAIWAN. When I first saw that as a kid I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

      ‘hup outta that, it’s Friday ! :)

  5. Brother Barnabas

    what did johnny get the huff about?

    and is JR’s godfather the same dinny dwyer who pushed patrick kavanagh into the canal?

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