Behold: the Airforce by superbly named UK custom bike maker Death Machines Of London – a one-off, heavily modified early 80s Moto Guzzi Le Mans Mk II.

A tribute to Moto Guzzi co-founder Giovanni Ravelli, everything bar the forks and frame of the donor bike has been custom made from hand-beaten aluminium with one-off shifter and brake lever designs, with closely adherence to a ‘What would Giovanni do?’ sensibility.


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        1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          thanks for spelling tbat put Tony
          It would have gone over everyones head otherwise

          1. Tony

            Clearly. Maybe if you and your elite BS comments club would stop gloating and back slapping each other in your ivory towers for a minute, we ordinary folk might be permitted to contribute too.

          2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            easy with that back slapping there brother
            It upsets some people
            I fancy all of you
            All OF YOU

          3. Tony

            Oh here we go now as usual. The elite intelligentsia sneering at anyone failing to meet the impossibly high standards of their exclusive smarty pants club. Par for the course. The ‘members only’ course, of course

          4. Brother Barnabas

            ah tony – it’s not sneering, only messing

            and anyone can join – you just have to be a bit of a bitch and be easily distracted from whatever you’re supposed to be doing

          5. Tony

            More smarmy superiority is it? You just can’t help yourself can you? Personally I’m not vulnerable when it comes to group bullying but what if I was Janet? And Bertie. And brother Barney. And the rest of the gang.

          6. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            are you seriously accusing me of bullying ? or condoning bullying?
            I’m the biggest hippy wet blanket on here
            peace Tony
            may I suggest a step back there for a second

          7. Tony

            Now now Barney. Bullying isn’t funny as it maybe was in your private school. broadsheet claim they don’t allow it in comments. Take care you don’t get yourself in moderation, laughing boy!

          8. Brother Barnabas

            why’s that, tony? are you in moderation for your incessant badgering of frilly keane?

            (for what it’s worth, i’ve never bullied anyone – online or other)

          9. Tony

            Nope. Not in moderation. Never ‘badgered’ anyone (my Filly Keane ‘tributes’ which ended when she accused me of being Tony Groves and started calling me names, were only ever intended as friendly and I defy you to show otherwise). Not a bully. Never was. Never will be. I trust you and the gang won’t be at it either.

          10. Brother Barnabas

            calling me “laughing boy” is bullying – you know full well that I rarely even crack a smile

          11. Cian

            It’s not bullying unless three criteria are met:
            1. It is aggressive behaviour
            2. It is carried out repeatedly and overtime; and
            3. It occurs within an interpersonal relationship characterized by an imbalance of power.

            …and I don’t see all these three happening.

          12. Tony

            Cheers Cian but those parameters seem reductive and possibly flawed. I’m no professor myself but with respect, you don’t strike me as being an expert in the subject.

            I’m fairly thick skinned tbh but bullying is not a thing to be made light of and theres a fair few bully boys and bully girls going unchecked on here

          13. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Sure spell it out for those of us who don’t.
            Who are the bullies on Broadsheet and who are they bullying?

        2. Tony

          I just said everyone already knew therefore there’s no need. If you want to start naming bullies for whatever reason, go ahead. I’ve no interest in playing your game. Or do you just want to be reassured you’re not a bully? I don’t think you’re a bully, particularly Bertie. Will that do yeh now?

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            Why would you ask me to name them?
            I didn’t claim anyone was a bully, you did.
            I’m curious as to who you thought was bullying and who was being bullied.
            If you don’t want to back it up so be it.

          2. Tony

            Oh good grief. I didn’t ask you to name bullies. You asked me to name bullies. Now you’re asking me again. And Like i already told you (twice) there’s no point because everyone already knows who they are.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      third wheel, love… the expression is ‘what’s with the third wheel?’

      and you’re right – i think you should have a talk with him this weekend.

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