15 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Shayna

    The whole build a bridge thing seems to be quite fashionable at the moment. Boris Johnson wants a bridge to France, now talk of a bridge to link Scotland and Ireland. My first attempt at a degree was in civil engineering, basically how to build a bridge that won’t fall down. From what little I know, a 22 mile long bridge across a sea, without going all technical on it would be a tad tricky.

    1. Frilly Keane

      D’ya know Shayna
      I’ve known a quare few Nordie heads
      And ta’ be totally honest wit’ ya

      I’ve never heard any of them use ‘ tad’
      For an’ting

      Just saying like

      1. Shayna

        I don’t quite know how to respond Frilly. In the mid 90s, I playfully conjured with, “Frad”, a fraction of a tad, but clearly, it never caught on.

    2. Specific Gravity

      Anyone can build a bridge that won’t fall down. It takes an engineer to build a bridge that just about won’t fall down…

      1. Martco

        saw a lovely couple of documentaries on bbc4 recently about bridges…

        Thomas Bouches’ Tay Bridge – he died within the year of the disaster a broken man & apparently they deliberately left the remaining piers in situ next to the current Tay bridge as a reminder –

        and the Severn Bridge with its revolutionary design and construction ideas (that pissed off the Americans no end at the time) – also the doc I think used a lot of footage recorded by this accidental amateur film nut on 8mm who the workers just allowed in amongst them as they were building it

        fab telly

  2. GiggidyGoo

    So is yoghan Murphy going to break the European Fiscal rules? Or will these mortgages be supplied from private companies. Or are we, as usual, just going to be led down that path of FG lies, with such platitudes as ‘looking at’, ‘will be able “to apply”’. And a target date of 2020, 2030?

  3. BobbyJ

    Any rail link between N. Ireland and Scotland will be pretty tricky considering they use a different rail gauge

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