Last night.

Fairview, Dublin 3.

Ailish Lally writes:

Great parking by [Independent TD] Mick Wallace –  He was in the local shop across the road – managed double yellow lines & almost entire footpath...

…That area is treated like a car park & I wanted to use this as a high-level example in the hopes it will contribute to a solution :-)

20 thoughts on “Ah Here

  1. Pixie Hat

    Right to privacy? Call the cops if you’re really concerned about parking in Fairview. You could wait till you’ve identified about a dozen cars parked on double yellows etc. should take about 60 seconds. He was probably out of the car for a short time to get milk or something. A bit petty?

    1. Rob_G

      Right to privacy doesn’t preclude people from taking photos in public places. If Mick Wallace decides to illegally park a van with his company logo prominently displayed upon it and it ends up on the Internet, he only has himself to blame.

  2. Fiona

    Ailish, get a life. Leave one of the few TDs, that actually works for a living, out of your neighbourhood watch sillyology..

    1. Rob_G

      It’s gas the people commenting defending him – if it were a government minister’s car that was parked illegally while they popped into a shops, people would be hauling them over the coals for it. And quite rightly, too.

      1. Percival

        Well yeah they would because our current Government is an assault on the people of Ireland. They push the false notion of a recovering economy when our health service is a shambles, police service unfit for purpose, white collar crime going unpunished.

        Wallace and Claire Byrne have done more to expose corporate corruption and police corruption than any Government TD has or ever will.

        1. Rob_G

          That’s all well and good – but does that entitle him to park wherever he likes? What other laws should he be immune from? Should we add littering and perhaps speeding to parking and non-payment of employees’ pension contributions(?)

          1. Joe835

            Ha ha! Before prosecuting a TD, check if they’re doing something you agree with in government or taking potshots at the government from the sidelines – that sounds like the type of egalitarian republic Deputy Wallace is fighting for alright.

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