Skin In The Game


Clockwise from to left: Levon Helm, Brian Downey, Stewart Copeland, Keith Moon and Ginger Baker



Last week, with a twenty five euro voucher to spend in Golden Discs on offer, we asked you to name the greatest sticksperson in contemporary music.

You answered in your dozens.

And we still can’t decide.

We have whittled the shortlist down to five drummers ( controversially leaving out John Bonham for reasons best left to the judges).

Ginger Baker – Bertie Blenkinsop

Keith Moon – Cian

Levon Helm – Yep

Brian Downey – Scottser

Stewart Copeland – Leopold Gloom

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Lines will close at 6pm MIDNIGHT

Golden Discs

Last week: Drum Animals

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54 thoughts on “Skin In The Game

  1. dav

    I saw one of those mad BBBC 4 programmes once when they were charting the history of pop music via the various instruments played.
    For drums they showed, in the 1980’s, a drummer from some American rock band, suspended over the crowd in a rig that allowed him to play the drums as he rotated 360 above the crowd.
    Now that lad should be in the list… if I ever remember his name..

  2. Eamonn Tansey

    Its got to be Levon helm, not only a phenopmenal drummer in every sense of the word, he was also a master of many other instruments which he played in studio and live. Possibly his greatest instrument was his voice, he possessed the rare ability to play the drums and sing at the same time. Levon all the way.

  3. On The Buses

    Copeland is a nerd. Downey is there cause he is Irish. Moon was a Coked up Ham. Baker was a Smacked up clown.

    Levon Helm is the greatest drummer and one of the best singers.

  4. rotide

    Downey in that list above John Bonham or Phil Selway or Neil Peart?

    Might as well have stuck in the cranberries drummer sure.

    Keith Moon.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            Nnnnnhhhh nnnnnhhhhh*

            that wasn’t the question, though. best drummer has to be bonham – doesn’t matter that LZ were shy te

            [*buzzer sound for wrong answer]

          1. Brother Barnabas

            not quite… but feeling a bit chirpier this morning :)

            afraid pants will be pulled down by city though

  5. retroboy

    John Bonham.

    Can we have some transparency on the judges’ reasons?

    “We have whittled the shortlist down to five drummers ( controversially leaving out John Bonham for reasons best left to the judges).”

    Otherwise, John Bonham.


  6. petey

    if that’s the choice i’ll vote levon helm.
    but carlton barrett was a better artist than any of these and that voucher is rightfully mine.

  7. scottser

    In purely drumming terms it’s got to be Downey or Helm. Baker’s drumming is pretty self indulgent, he never plays for the song only for himself. Moon is too sloppy. Zak Starkey now does a way better job than moon ever did. Copelands timing is notoriously poor. Some have made comments on them as people but that’s not fair. Helm and Downey both have exceptional feel for a song. Maybe cos Helm is a fine singer might shade it for him but again in purely drumming terms it’s got to be Downey for me. I’m very surprised he’s being dismissed tbh

  8. Frilly Keane

    D’ye know what boys n’girls
    If there’s ever a plan to build a Broadsheet exhibit of sorts for future generations

    I think I’d include this thread
    Ye’re all pretty much here
    And all in yere true colours

    And on a thread to decide what couldn’t be decided where t’was supposed ta’ happen ….
    This thread is as a good summation of Broadsheet as an’ting else here

    Am I wrong

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