Staying In Tomorrow?


Paddy Cosgrave

On The Late Late Show

Gareth Naughton writes:

Amy Huberman
and Maria Doyle Kennedy will join host Ryan Tubridy to discuss filming together on the hit drama Striking Out.

Former Ireland scrum-half Peter Stringer will be in studio to chat about twenty years of top flight rugby including achieving Grand Slam glory with Ireland

Web Summit founder Paddy Cosgrave will be on the Late Late couch. He’ll be discussing everything from the controversial decision to pull the Web Summit from Ireland to his solutions to our property crisis.

The Late Late Show will feature a panel discussion on smart phone safety. Child psychologist David Coleman, CyberSafeIreland’s Cliona Curley, and Irish Daily Mail editor Sebastian Hamilton will discuss the dangers facing children using social media apps…

Plus music from the upcoming TradFest with Martha Wainwright and JP & The Seeger Session Band.

*removes cathode ray tube from telly*

The Late Late Show, RTÉ One tomorrow at 9.35pm


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18 thoughts on “Staying In Tomorrow?

  1. mark

    “the controversial decision to pull the Web Summit from Ireland” – The RDS was too small, he had to move it. The only ‘controversial’ bit is how the media repeated his PR nonsense about roads and hotels and gave him a tonne of free publicity.

    1. Rowsdower

      It wasn’t too small, he was being asked to pay full price for us of the facilities and got offended.

      He thinks his greatness and genius should be subsidized because he cant be expected to turn a profit on his own.

    1. Paulus

      Oh come on; I’ve seen much worse line-ups.
      And yes it can be pretty banal a lot of the time.
      But then the self-congratulatory, high(er)-brow BS regular isn’t exactly its main demographic!

  2. Willie Banjo

    “his solutions to our property crisis”? The only viable contribution Paddy could make to the housing crisis would be to move to Portugal full time.

    1. diddy

      Cosgrave kicked bottom on Marian Finucane a few months back when he was asked about property. A rock of sense. Expect more of the same tomorrow.

        1. Rowsdower

          Paddy had some great ideas like building more houses and making them affordable, its a pity we lost him to Portugal with that kind of revolutionary thinking.

  3. Andrew

    The ‘solutions’ to the housing crisis are not a mystery and we don’t need Paddy’s Arts degree education to tell us.
    The government knows very well the solutions but have no interest in implementing the necessary changes. The people who vote for FF and FG like high property prices and neither party will rock that boat.

  4. Not On Your Nelly

    I hate the show, I hate the conversation about the show and I hate the people who watch it and give it their full attention. Embarrassing.

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