We’re Back, Baby


Ah here.

Fallon & Byrne, Rathmines, Dublin 6.

We’ve come a long wNOMNOMNOM

Thanks Donk


The dog with the hat must never see this.

14 thoughts on “We’re Back, Baby

    1. Bertie Blenkinsop

      My dog loves coffee, to the extent that I can’t drink it if she’s in the house, the torments the life out of me for it.

          1. Bertie Blenkinsop

            I’d say the chances of there being a few aulfellas wearing overcoats to a winter match are fairly high but if it WAS me you saw that’s hilarious.

            Next time give me a wink :)

        1. Fiona

          That’s very true, there was – but don’t ruin it for me… I’ll give you a wink and smile next time :0)

          1. bertie blenkinsop

            (hopefully it’s soon, I’d hate to have to wear a big overcoat all summer on the off chance of bumping into ya!)

    2. Joe cool

      I can never bloody enjoy a nice coffee in my gaff. I make it with a fancy milk frother, pointeles as my cat decides he rather likes the milk that way and promptly drinks it all

  1. catsiglierie

    The most frustrating element of all of this is not the excess, although that does annoy me (there’s obviously a market for this crap) – it’s that the phrase ‘we’re back baby’, or some derivative of it, has been prominent in use for the last three-to-four years, and indicates the typical subsuming of the threat of capitalist inequality to knowing cultural asides. An act of passive complicity on the part of those who most need to reject it.

    1. postmanpat

      I always thought it was meant ironically. Granted, there’s a lot of us getting very stupid with the impulse buys these days. These same people will be the most vocal critics of the government when the next crash happens. Moaning about how hard it is to find work/pay mortgage/pay rent/save for a deposit/ since they were let go from the job, all the while not mentioning the 10’s of thousands of Harvey Norman swanky luxuries at 20% apr they got on the HP and cant keep up with payment while their I-Phone-X that cost them €1350 gathers dust after the 2019 OS update renders it useless. €6 quid for a pack of crisps in a extra crunchy sounding bag (so you know its quality) ? . What is the mark up on that? 1000% ? Whatever. Personally , I’m being ultra thrifty these days and saving a thousand a month on a 30k salary. The pile of cash is starting to burn a hole in my account and I could splurge on the next gizmo or motor , but I’m staying strong. Some thing goes wrong with my car? ouch , its a bit of a sting but the cash is there to fix it. Boiler in the house claps up? ring a guy get it fixed. barahhh me money!! but I’m not losing sleep and the cash pile is still growing. Fast forward 3 years, and when the next financial crash happens (and it will ) The staff in Fallon an Byrne will all be redundant because the owners will have hidden that crisp and dog wine money and claim bankruptcy. Ill be sitting on a ton of funds and snapping up all the desperate idiots stuff for a fraction of what they paid for it.

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