Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10pm)


Staying in tonight?

Broadsheet on the Telly returns tonight at 10pm streaming LIVE (above) and on our YouTube Channel.

Join old friends, surprise guests and the odd domestic pet as they chew over the news of the week from Ireland and ‘abroad’.

All the news that fits in 120 minutes including Gaming the System, Joanne Cantwell & the Sunday Game. and Ulster Rugby solidarity plus Lucky Khambula on recent Direct Provision developments and the ‘sheet’s Olga Cronin on the Disclosures Tribunal.

All welcome.

Drinks served.

Some ‘sailor’ language.


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11 thoughts on “Broadsheet on the Telly TONIGHT (10pm)

  1. Brother Barnabas

    olga’s work on the diclosures tribunal has been fantastic. looking forward to hearing her take on it.

    1. scottser

      frilly, i don’t know whether to pirate back at you, or picture you as a 70’s gay stereotype.

      1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

        spent it stuffing my face and
        catching up with old mates, I’ll have to stop dossing now it’s over :)

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