7 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

    1. bisted

      …oh dear petey…you’ve used the S word…invoked he who cannot be named…prepare to witness these comments disappear…

    2. Taunton

      He uses his money to meddle in the affairs of nation states. For many people, regardless of his political views, this is unacceptable behaviour.

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Barnier’s private views given to British MPs (‘we must not let the border with Northern Ireland get in the way’), shows how ‘successful’ Varadkar has actually been. In other words. Varadkar and his mates are one big ball of fluff. When Helen McEntee was asked yesterday about Barniers comments, the best she could come up with was ‘I haven’t heard them’
    Then we hear. Varadkar is threatening Theresa May (threatening now, mind you), to keep her end of the heiled deal a few weeks ago. A boy sent out to do a mans job, and failing dismally. In typical FG fashion, he brings in a fall guy (or girl in this case), Helen McEntee as someone to pass pressure on to.
    Ireland will, once again, be thrown to the EU wolves, to expedite a EU/UK deal.

  2. steve white

    the irish Examiner frontpage headline is based on aIrish Medical Time poll, which while it does require online registration to vote in, doesn’t verifying you are relay a doctor,and then they just added in the facebook and twitter polls and sent a pres release about it!

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