Dáithí writes…

“Seen this on the way home from work on Monday evening, at the junction of Pleasant and Heytesbury streets in Dublin 8 (facing an easterly direction) at around 5.30pm and not sure exactly what I’m seeing here… either Ireland has a secret space programme we don’t know about or the “plane” on the left has an unusual trajectory relative to the one on the right..”


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18 thoughts on “What Is It?

    1. Michael

      Looked it up, it’s 17:00 Ryanair Shannon to Krakow which passes nearly directly overhead of the junction giving the impression of it going directly up.

      Incidentally, the one on the right is Helsinki to Las Palmas with Thomas Cook.

  1. Cian

    Yes, Ireland has a secret space program. They have managed to hide it for 60 years. Nobody as seen or heard any of the 1000s of rockets. Except you.

    1. ahjayzis

      Ireland secretly running a space programme would explain why they haven’t had the time / wit to run basically anything else…

    2. Murtles

      Elon won’t be laughing when the Honda 50 we put up in 1982 makes mince meat of his Tesla. Jerry, the head of the Irish Space Programme, said that by his calculations it should be back “soon or there and thereabouts”.

    1. some old queen

      This is clearly part of the #qanon dissemination program against baby eating Hilary. And these new meds are working great, thanks for asking.

  2. Dublin Bus Smoker

    Are there any Broadsheet readers who do NOT live in the Camden Street/Portobello area of Dublin 8? And we wonder why locals cannot afford to live there…

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