Catherine Nevin leaves the Four Courts been found guilty of the 1996 murder of her husband Tom Nevin at Jack White’s Inn, County Wicklow

Convicted murderer Catherine Nevin dies aged 67 (RTÉ)


Joe Duffy, on RTE’s Liveline, while speaking with RTE’s Crime Correspondent Paul Reynolds, told how he met with Ms Nevin in Dochas Prison in 2016 and how he found her to be a very good librarian.He said:

“I happened to come across her a few years ago, Paul. She was running the library in Dochas, in the women’s prison and I think the librarian contacted me. I had written the book at the time, about the children killed in 1916 and I visited a number of prisons.

“And when I arrived up in Dochas Prison, I was met by Catherine Nevin who was the librarian there, the librarian, and she ran that prison library extraordinarily efficiently.

“She anyway she was extraordinarily powerful in terms of her, her, the other prisoners there, the other women did listen to her.”

“…she had been studying in Maynooth on a drugs project and the paper which she asked me to read, which I did, and it was well argued, well written paper. She was, I know she was, she was a murderer in the eyes of the law and indeed the eyes of Tom Nevin’s family and a lot of other people, she had done the most heinous, participated in organising the most heinous crime…”

At one point Mr Reynolds pointed out that he had been in the prison numerous times over the years and that she never approached him. Mr Reynolds said:

“We never approached her and it’s interesting that she actually approached you, Joe, because she was a very private person, she stayed back and we would never approach any prisoners. Some of them would come up and talk to you, she wouldn’t come up and talk to us anytime we were in the Dochas Centre..”


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  1. Matt Lucozade: The Only Reader of the Village

    Quick over to the Journal comments section…

    … and why exactly would she want to talk to someone from RTE whose best drinking buddies are cops and screws leaking information. She had some dignity.

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