Staying In Tonight?


On First Dates Ireland…

Gareth Naughton writes:

Dater Jamie opens up about being “queer-bashed” after coming out at 16 years old. Restaurant manager Jamie (35) tell his date Anthony (30) that he would ask his attackers to hit him harder to make them look stupid and because he refused to let them hurt him in the long run…

First Dates Ireland at 9.30pm on RTÉ 2

10 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. some old queen

    I am pretty sure most gay men have more than one story of that kind. And despite what we would like to think, violence and discrimination still happens. It may be getting better but that does not mean everyone is ok with gay people, far from it.

    1. Killian G

      Very true yes. I really admire the sense of solidarity and support within the Gay community. But we need to look to thjose who are not part of the greater community because of age, in the process of coming out or living in isolated areas etc. Its a positive that they can connect with a community online but its not the same. I have a friend who told me he used to as a 16 year old boy take the bus every Friday evening from Arklow to Dublin so that he could just go and spend an hour in The George, purely, says he, “so that I could breathe”.

      1. some old queen

        Tell me about it. Outside Dublin is quite a cultural shift. The reason why so many of us move to it.

      2. anne

        That’s a lovely story..purely says he n all that, he was going to the George for a ride. Any gooers take ya on? No?

  2. rotide

    I find it interesting there are so many gay couples on this show. I can’t see this programme actually trying to be a driving force for change in Ireland’s societal structure so I guess i just surmise that either there are more single gay people in Ireland than straight people or , in general, Irish gay and lesbian people are more willing to be on TV than straight men or women.

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