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  1. b

    30 people apparently refused beds last night, goes to show much of this issue is not a housing policy problem but a failure of mental health and addiction policy going back years

    1. anyone

      You mean they wouldn’t take the beds offered?

      Yeah I look forward to the next Donal Moloney special on the pigeon man of Pearse Station

        1. anyone

          what’s yours? winding up for an old sermon are you?

          These people are vermin and should not be getting any kind of assistance if they won’t take what’s offered. That’s my point.

          1. anyone

            people perceived as despicable and as causing problems for the rest of society.

            = take your grievance up with Google Dictionary mate

          2. Lilly

            @anyone – Would you have a little respect for their humanity. Let’s hope you never suffer from mental illness so debilitating that you’d prefer to sleep outside in sub-zero temperatures than have to deal with the proximity of strangers.

          3. Ami B and BS

            Hi Lilly anyone can speak for himself but how about some humanity for the workers in buildings who have to step over these halfwits on their way into the office every day? Or the cops and social workers who are tearing their hair out because these won’t take the helping hand offered. I hope to god I never suffer from a mental retardation so severe that I’d rather be a burden to society dying out in the street like a dog alright and also hope it never happens to you up there on your high horse looking down at me.

          4. Nigel

            Well I hope I never get to the point where I refer to people in dire poverty and possibly with mental health issues as ‘vermin’ but there you go. I’m somehow managing so far.’

          5. Nigel

            Yes they did. The people who did it probably didn’t have to refer to them as vermin to justify it. I suspect they wouldn’t appreciate their work being devalued by the people they try to help being referred to as such.

    2. david

      Listened to Murphy son of Russell being interviewed on the radio
      Apparently he seems to think rough sleepers do not merit being referred to homeless as now when announced 9000 are now homeless citizens they do not include rough sleepers
      Maybe they do not exist in the new Reich but sadly they live breath in the real world but have disappeared off the balance sheet just like gay Byrnes money when daddy was in charge of his accounts
      Amazing how Russell no longer is mentioned in wikipedia when you google

          1. david

            Punctuation is not my strong point and spelling due to an unprividelaged education system but spelling or no spelling punctuation or not dose not alter the facts
            A failed minister talking big delivering nothing and a father who did rob his client
            Strange how in Wikipedia no mention of his father
            My tiresomeness relay struck a cord for those remarks
            I expect more from public sector workers that my taxes pay for their pampered life
            And I call a spade a spade

          2. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            Grandson, not son. And that actor’s brother. The one from Love/Hate and now the cop in the Cormoran Strike series on BBC at the moment.

  2. scottser

    If anyone knows of someone out rough, make sure you report it on or call the Gardai.

    1. david

      So they want the general public to do what our social services is failing to do
      So at 4pm when Armageddon commences what then for those souls

      1. b

        it is stating the obvious, but needs explaining to some like you David that some of these poor souls actively refuse help from social services and cannot help themselves – it’s perfectly reasonable to ask as many eyes as possible identify where outreach services can get to them

        1. david

          Then arrest them and hold them until weather improves
          If they are mentally incapable of looking after themselves the state has a duty of care
          Imagine if a mentally handicapped person refuses care if in danger of his or hers personal safety and the state refuses to intervene then what?
          I do not agree with abandoning a dog in conditions that will kill them so why a human being?

  3. bORT

    Strange scenario this morning. Went down to my local shop today, there was a guy wrapped up in a sleeping bag outside, cup in hand, actively begging. I didn’t recognize him, not one of the usual couple of lads that sit there. Asked the manager of the shop about him, he said he’d been dropped off this morning, said he’d never seen him before either. I gave him a few quid and offered him a cup of tea outside. I told him the mosque up the road was opening to the homeless today, he didn’t speak any English but said thanks. Got home, reported it to the rough sleepers helpline.

    Are certain organized begging groups shipping people out to the suburbs because the city centre is empty?

    And these groups exist, I see them drop off and collect in the city centre every day, always the same spots but a rotation of people.

    Do groups like this effect the statistics of rough sleepers/homeless in the city?

    1. Bern

      Rough sleepers are generally counted at night, so I would imagine they don’t get counted.

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