43 thoughts on “Heil Tusk

    1. Nigel

      Wow, that’s full on anti-semitic Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion stuff there, jusayinlike. Disappointed in you.

  1. Nigel

    Was thinking cheap shot until I saw the pic. Sometimes you just gotta go with the low-hanging fruit.

  2. david

    Listened to he speech and our KAPO leadership will realise we are shafted as they close the door of the oven after being the last Irish to enter the Reich final solution for ireland
    They really are clueless
    So Poland will feel the same effects of brexit as we do?
    Tusk tusk
    I just wonder is this border going to span the whole of Europe

  3. Emily Dickinson

    Dodgy headline followed by some deeply inappropriate comments. We are not living through a ‘final solution.’ Hell, if you don’t like it here you have a right to move to Germany and live and work there with equal standing to the locals. Jeez…

  4. GiggidyGoo

    “I love you Irish. You can take a lot of beatings. We can rob your country at will. Yet you still bounce back. You are the best example of a True punchbag. You are not really important to us. By the way, did anyone ever tell you Leo that your socks are just gorgeous?”

    Leo: “ah go on the Don. Look – anything you want it’s yours, anything. Except the English papers. “

  5. david

    Love Donald tusks countries new law to deny his country sent most of their Jews to the German holiday camps
    Many poles collaborated and when the Jews made their stand they got little or no help
    When Nazi Germany were defeated many Jews on return found what they once had was stolen by poles
    I suggest all visit Auschwitz for the true horror still lingers its a great example of why Germany can never be allowed to control any continent
    Ever wonder why to Jews Israel must exist

    1. bisted

      ‘…Ever wonder why to Jews Israel must exist’…to mimic the worst excesses of the nazis?…that would be the zionist rationale but I don’t think most Jews would agree…

      1. david

        You mean take on terrorist organisations that now are a threat to Europe
        How do you feel about the stabbings the running over of citizens the bombings the shootings
        All Hamas tactics and before Hamas PLO
        I do not see Israelis massacre of Olympic athletes
        Arabs Muslims all live in Israel in peace with the government all vote but saying that these accept the democracy of Israel except the ones who refuse to accept Israel
        These are the same as you refer to
        You simply cannot even compare the Nazi death camps
        Are Jews sending Palestinian Muslims to death camps then burning them
        In 1947 when two states were proposed one under a French mandate one under a British mandate the Palestinian Muslims refused to accept it
        The Jewish Palestinians accepted
        Israel was born
        When that happened 800 thousand Jews were ethnically cleansed from all over the middle east
        Jews living in Egypt Syria Iraq etc all forced off their lands
        I suggest you read up on it
        Three wars to rid Israel of Jews ensued and the so called Palestinian groups had close ties in an international terrorist network sharing tactics with the likes of the IRA

        1. Papi

          The cryptic “G” at the end…..signalling his Zionist lords or original gangster lean? We may never know.

          1. david

            Jesus papi I never thought Omron could be brought to a new height
            But you have just proven it can

      2. Neilo

        Nazis = at least some Jews! How could I have missed this piercingly intelligent and wholly original equivalence? The scales have fallen from my eyes! *Burns Philip Roth novels and uses Curb Your Enthusiasm DVDs as coasters*

    2. some old queen

      And we were beaten like dogs up into the hills by the Brits. What’s your point?

      1. bisted

        …I was beaten by the brits…what’s yours…I feel common cause with another beaten down people…

        1. david

          And not all Irish people believe in the republic
          Look at northern Ireland and the beliefs of the unionists

      1. david

        But they are
        A misused term that actually means a belief of Israel to exist as a Jewish state
        All Jews believe in the Jewish homeland

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