Welcoming The Donald


Pic: Brian O’Donovan

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  1. Neilo

    Well, those POTUSes with an R are never really welcomed here. Gams like Niall O’Dowd characterize all Irish folk as natural Democrats whenever a mike is put anywhere their beaks and it’s hard to argue against that assertion although many of my US relatives – all cops, teachers, soldiers etc – voted for Ronnie Reagan twice. I genuinely look forward to some cracking protests, though: I want to see some Macnas-style heads!

    1. The Ghost of Starina

      America seems to attract immigrants who find their home country too liberal. For instance, the Dutch community in the US is ultra-conservative. Or the Republican-voting Cubans in Florida.

      1. Neilo

        Liberal isn’t a word that anyone would use to describe the regime in Cuba and I think you may have pulled something in your effort to ‘cloghorn’ the Dutch into your example.

    1. Neilo

      Doubtful those protests will be anything major. It may cause many here to retreat to the fainting couch in shock, but the earth still hosts a few practicing – some even devout – Catholics.

  2. realPolithicks

    If he does go over to you do us a favor and keep him.(and Pence too while you’re at it)

  3. pedeyw

    The best way to protest this would just be to not show up at any of his public appearances. He’s an attention seeking man child.

    1. Owen

      Agreed, and anyone who turns up in support should be noted on a list, to be referenced throughout their life, especially if running for anything from a public position to a bus.

      1. Andrew

        Making lists and taking names. You sound like Aodan O’Riordan. He thinks the same way as you.
        Do you endorse re-education camps for people who don’t share your views?

  4. Martco

    I look forward to not attending whatever “gatherings” FG’s spin dept invent for his visit

  5. eric cartman

    well done Leo. About time we stood up and welcomed the most powerful man in the world.

  6. Owen

    Leo has to think of the greater good for Irish. If it means a legacy of investment well beyond trump and better rights for undocumented Irish, then bring him over. But if it means a massive security bill and pandering to his personal wants / gains, then let the North have him.

  7. Neilo

    Hi Owen, I disagree you about better rights for our compatriots living illegally in the US, unless these are available to all. Official Ireland has years of form in its belief that our illegals are a special case.

    1. Owen

      They are not a special case, but they are a better sell to any administration to support than other illegals. The US is shrouded in racism and fear, and Irish don’t (at present) strike either nerve. The south American illegals and the Middle Eastern are not getting any special rights. They are far greater numbers and hitting a nerve, at present. Why should we tow that line too? We did for long enough in the 60s-80s. So yes, ask for favoritism for our well (perceived) educated, hard working, god fearing, white, lovable people.

      (Yes, there is a lot wrong with the last sentence, but that’s not my perceptions, its Americas.)

  8. Neilo

    Hi Owen, that’s cleared things up, thanks. I share your enthusiasm for hustling hard when it comes to investment.

  9. michael walsh

    Leo believes that Ireland can be the go between America and Europe upon UK brexit departure.
    Considering there are 700 people on hospital trollies every day in Ireland, maybe he should engage brain before delusions of grandeur.

    1. david

      He cannot be any go between
      He made that plain regarding brexit
      The EU negotiates everything
      Maybe he should ask to be on the trade talks team to India and use his Indian roots to represent the EU as part of the team in negotiations with India
      I suppose he is very concerned about the illegal Irish being sent back
      Maybe he could express the Irish held in a sort of direct provision centre in the US as they await deportation

      1. michael walsh

        Please read my 1st paragraph again- That was a quote from LV on his important role post Brexit.
        On a oersonal note,
        I would prefer a Trumper visit here , than from the murdering scumbags in Dublin.

  10. david

    Why would the Donald visit Ireland?
    By now I am sure he knows he is not welcome
    I think our political elite and press have burnt any bridge by the remarks about him.
    I am sure many of the multinationals are getting ready to return home and pay reduced taxes to repatriate the billions or trillions held off shore .
    I am sure little Leo verruca is going to beg for trump to ensure they stay

  11. anne

    Watched him live there earlier with The Donald. He’s having a private meeting with Pence & The Tangarine Wan without press to have a more frank discussion..hmmm

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