The System Has Broke Down



Last night.

Rathmines, Dublin 6.

By artist and illustrator Jack Field (@jayfik).

Glass Chat Dublin tweetz:

Would Philo even recognise the old town? Some things changed for the better. Others not.

20 thoughts on “The System Has Broke Down

  1. Tony

    Ah bid speddin ma muddy in da ohh towd
    Snot da sabe huddy since you’re dot aroun

    Gwan de Phillo

    1. scottser

      they used a very special compressor while recording that vocal – it had a feature called ‘septum reduction’.

    1. Gay Tea Shop

      Good work. Far superior to that POS outside Bruxelles with Philo fumbling for change for the parking meter. Love the Dennis the Meance jumper in Jay’s rendition. Give gentrification Geansaí loads Jay!

  2. Murtles

    Ah St Patricks Day tomorrow and the annual breaking of Phil’s statute down Harry Street by drunken yobs who think they’re hilarious. I’ll be spending my time…. in the repair shop…..

  3. king Adolf von bratwurst

    it’s hardly ever mentioned but the late Jimmy Bain Co-wrote old town. he died two years ago on the def leppard cruise.

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