This Is Getting Old


This morning.

Government Buildings, Dublin 2

Sensible tyke Edward Breen runs away from Taoiseach Leo Varadkar while Luke O’Donnell and chief executive of the Irish Cancer Society Averil Power stay to help launch Daffodil Day on Friday. March 23.

Endless funny socks.

Good times.

Daffodil Day


156 thoughts on “This Is Getting Old

  1. ReproBertie

    Today is World Down Syndrome day and people are asked to mark the day by wearing bright, colourful or mismatched socks.

    But hey, get your digs in Bodger.

          1. ReproBertie

            Oh the compliments fly when the quality meet.

            I’ll take that as a no. Must be embarrassing to know you were completely taken in by CA campaigns.

          2. ReproBertie

            Portraying yourself as the victim?
            Calling those who disagree names?
            Removing comments that disagree with you?

            You’ve gone full Trump Bodger.

      1. Rugbyfan

        correct Repro, I am wearing my colourful unmatched socks for WDS day.
        Bodger….any news on who is on the Late Late yet?

    1. Frilly Keane

      Here Repo
      Stop acting the git you

      There’s room for all the charity pressers
      And with gold like Leo and Averil put out for us by Broadsheet
      Why da’ rhymes with múc would you want to deny us that

      BTW Banner Blue shoes???
      FFS girl
      D”mind the socks lads
      Averil looks like she raised Panti Bliss’s wardrobe

      1. ReproBertie

        This won’t be the last time Leo wears silly socks. There will be plenty of time for mocking him and them in the future. Today just wasn’t the day for it.

        1. Frilly Keane

          Why not?
          would ya refer we discuss Leo’s inability to conduct himself like a Statesman and Leader? And thats why he has lads like you and the crew in the SCU to spin around him forming a shield like on an fictitious spaceship

          This thread is all a bit like yerself RepBerto
          Sticking to soft ground to make your mark
          rather than try and and reach a daycent standard of gotcha that tattoos itself

          Jaysus we’d a made pulp ah’ you back in the Day
          your forefather Young Kenny must be disgusted at the standard of his seed

          Either get better at this wumming
          or get another log in

          1. ReproBertie

            I think you’ve mistaken me for someone else. I’m an unrepentant Green voter and have no time for FFG. So yes, I’d much prefer that we have a go at Leo for the things that matter, like displaying his inner eejit in Washington, than inane stuff like his socks. The spin unit must be loving that his socks are the focus point.

            Today is World DS awareness day. The only other time we’ll hear about DS over the coming months will be as pawns in the referendum. When I pointed out the reason for the odd socks Bodger, instead of acknowledging the day, had a hissy fit.

            And you can keep your back in the day, soft ground baloney for someone who hasn’t seen it all before. If you seriously think that was me wumming then you need to go look up the definition.

          2. jusayinlike

            He’s had enough of your sniping, and just because it’s DS day, that doesn’t cover pr leeches like Power and Varadkar.

            If FG cared so much about DS, how come they slashed carers allowance and cut funding to DS charities.

            This is a PR stunt, and shame on you for using it to take a personal swipe at bodger, you dropped the mask with the Clinton drivel..

          3. ReproBertie

            Now you see! That’s the sort of point that would have made sense instead of gibberish about his socks. Happy to promote the day but not to pay their way. More FG hypocrisy on display.

            Personal swipe? That Clinton stuff has been going on for longer than you’ve been posting here and it was in response to the “Moronic” comment.

          4. jusayinlike

            The whole article was about Leo’s socks and his desperate need to display them inspite of the seriousness of the occasion.

            All that’s lost on you though Bertie, as you steam forward looking to score cheap points.

            And after years of you referring to him as a nutjob, a Trump supporter, Russian sympathiser and more I think he’s fully entitled to reply to you with the wiff of respect that you show him.

          5. Frilly Nation : The Rupture is real

            Ah give over RepBerto
            Clinton is a spent docket

            Even I threw it away
            After giving her a whole Frill-Bit
            Two in fact

          6. rotide

            Bodger calls Bertie a moron and you’re accusing Bertie of getting personal?

            You truly are the reader this site deserves.

          7. ReproBertie

            Ah come on Frilly, it’s not about Clinton. Bodger called me a moronic shill. I hit back by reminding him of his failure to follow through on a public declaration that he had information on Clinton that would make all the anti-Trumpers change their minds. It was the gift that keeps on giving.

          8. Frilly Nation : The Rupture is real

            So what,
            He called you moronic
            What are ya
            Did he hurt your feelings?
            Ah Baba

            Let me tell ye about some grown up stuff

            It’s all about timing lads
            Never come too soon

            Maybe that’s why ye’re here playing away with yerselves
            Waiting on the Clinton Stories
            Are ye too dense to dig it up yerselves?

          9. Frilly Nation : The Rupture is real

            C’mere Rottie
            If I’m the reader this site deserves
            What da’ rhymes with múc does that make you?
            Same goes for RepBerto

            Lemme have a stab at it
            Here for professional reasons?

            a gigs a gig
            I couldn’t care less what ye’re motivation is

            Other than to point out that I’m 100% free from such influence

          10. ReproBertie

            I don’t give a monkey’s about Clinton or information about her. She’s yesterday’s news. The information was something Bodger staked his reputation on is all.

            So I reacted to him calling me names. So what? You’re not my ma and some days a meaningless web spat is a fine stress reliever.

          11. ReproBertie

            I’m pretty sure he wasn’t talking to you.

            For the record, I’m here in a purely personal capacity. The only thing I shill for is the Kung Fu club.

          12. Frilly Nation : The Rupture is real

            I’ve better stress relief available to me

            Ya never know RepBerto
            One day

            And remember what I said
            Timing is everything

            Let me say to RepBerto and Rottie

            Hook Line and Blinkers

          13. jusayinlike

            “It was the gift that keeps on giving”

            There you go right there, he’s listened to you and others sniping for quite some time and is fully within his rights to reply, you just don’t like it..

            And he owes you or anyone else on here nothing.

          14. Frilly Keane

            I’m my own boss
            So I make me own rules

            Got a new desk tho
            Tis King Size – like

    2. david

      This is news for me
      I never knew it was downs syndrome day
      What’s wrong with a downs syndrome kid appearing in the shot
      Please enlighten me your views as why evidently de tea shock was not highlighting it but a day next week seen as you make a snide remark

        1. Frilly Keane

          So who’s been a snarky git now

          I’m not shocked
          You don’t know who your falling out with half the time

          1. Frilly Keane

            Left a little treat there for ya RepBerto

            Your ( sic) welcome

            I didn’t know twas Down Syndrome day either
            Not very nice for the CEO of another high profile charity crashing it
            Even worse
            The Taoiseach
            Went along with it

          2. rotide

            Noone knew it was Downs Syndrome Day.

            Bertie educated everyone. Some people here, yourself included Frilly, acted like he murdered your favorite aunt.

            Seriously, reading some of the comments today is like reading MAGA tweets.

  2. Ina

    I hate Varadker, but if he has to spend time with Avril to suck up to Fionan, then he’s well punished.

  3. Spud

    Weather looks good for Friday, so hopefully its a bumper haul for all the daff sellers.
    Best of luck to all the volunteers busy at work this week, and all others involved in the ICS.

      1. postmanpat

        Take the time to read thought the previous years accounts. Its even worse than that. Save your money, your donation is not going towards changing anything.

        1. Alastair

          CEO salary amounts to €125k out of total operational budget of €21 million. Seems like there’s little to complain about there. The money is going precisely where you’d expect it to go.

          1. postmanpat

            7 million (1 third) of every donation goes to salaries. 3/4 of the charity shops takings (€3M of 4M) ) goes to keeping the shops running. And a lot of dubious programs (for example : one quarter of a million is spent on volunteer driver programs. (? )) all these programs of course have operation costs of there own (I’m assuming legal costs the document doesn’t specify) so a few more million thrown here and there. You go from 21 Million to a fraction of that very quickly. Now you would think the expertise of a 125K a year CEO could run this thing a bit more efficiently. only 15% of a donation goes to cancer research. The details of how that research money is divided is a bit sketchy too. A million goes into Reduce the Risk of Cancer programs, all of which seem like a colossal waste of money and you can bet the people involved are making out like bandits. I mean the prevention in your community X-Hale training course? give me a ***ing break. “don’t take up smoking kids!” jesus!

          2. david

            125grand a year well that’s excessive
            Time these roles were non paying
            Imam sure plenty of retired captains of industry would do the job as return for what life rewarded them with

          3. Ger Mc

            I wouldn’t give them a penney . Had cancer and rang them . Was quite upset and they were as cold as can be. Not going to buy a flower . nada. nothing .

          4. Alastair

            The accounts look fine to me.
            Salaries overhead includes the service providers, admin costs are a small fraction of that. Volunteer driver programme costs are transport reimbursement for volunteers who drive cancer patients to clinic sessions – not exactly contentious expenditure surely? Cherry picking cancer research expenditure alone simply ignores the remainder of services they provide in patient support, nursing, and information provision / advocacy (if risk info on smoking risks were not needed, then we wouldn’t still have people smoking, would we?). The shops provide healthy profit as noted above.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Not a chance

      I wouldn’t give them the coppers rattling around the bottom of me handbag

      And if ye’ve any sense ye’d do the same

      Giving them money to pay their overheads FFS
      The biggest drain is a salary for a failed politician with zero Executive Admin and Governance experience
      Or should that be Zuckers!

  4. Johnny

    The whole irish aid,charity sector is a giant slush fund for serving and failed politicians.

    “Take the case of Ireland in 2012, for example, when Irish Aid suspended its entire assistance programme in Uganda after it was revealed that four million Euros that were destined to help rebuild the country’s war-torn northern region had been siphoned off to a personal account by the Office of the Prime Minister.

    The Tánaiste—Ireland’s Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister for Foreign Affairs in charge of Irish Aid—was reportedly ‘absolutely disgusted’ by the revelation, which was followed by a sudden burst of op-eds and public debates not unlike those surrounding the current #Aidtoo moment. Then, in January of 2013, the Ugandan government repaid the misappropriated funds, and by 2014 Irish aid was once again flowing into the country. As public attention moved on, aid professionals got on with business more or less as usual.“

    1. Alastair

      So, to recap – misappropriated aid in Uganda was discovered and returned, and is now being spent on the intended projects in Uganda. Terrible indictment of Irish Aid, eh?

      1. johnny

        as Bodger is having a day,and you seem like a willy ,here ya go…..
        do try to read a little and keep up.

        “Irish Aid, Ireland’s development agency, and the British version of USAID — both foundation donors of between $1 million and $5 million — also shared in the U.S.-backed project in Uganda.

        Ireland saw a substantial increase in the money USAID and the State Department spent on operations and projects there while Hillary Clinton was in office.

        She even made Ireland the site of her final official trip as secretary of state when she traveled there to receive an award from one of her family foundation’s top donors.

        The State Department increased its spending in Ireland from $1.65 million in 2009 to $2.96 million in 2010 and $7.48 million in 2011.

        USAID also upped its support of Ireland, taking its funding from nothing in 2008 — the oldest year for which data is available — to $29.87 million the year Clinton came into office.”

        1. Alastair

          Is this supposed to be persuasive on any issue in particular? Irish Aid in Uganda was misappropriated, returned, and is now going to the intended projects. End of story.

          1. johnny

            this is getting old….
            misappropriated-it was fraud-the Mokoro report was highly critical of Irish Aid,effectively describing them as incompetent,like yourself.
            persuasive-sorry Al this isn’t the Trinity debating society, its one Irelands most ambitious AID programs affecting lots off lives, it involved political fraud and corruption at the highest levels.
            “End of story”-who even uses that term, the “story” continues,that was the point.

            “In 2012 approximately 30 percent of Uganda’s national budget came from donor support. Donors have suspended aid at various times in response to high-profile graft, but donor funding has nearly always resumed despite the lack of significant reform or high-level prosecutions. International donors should increase their focus on strategies that will promote accountability at the highest levels of government and ensure that any re-engagement is based on substantive changes to Uganda’s anti-corruption structures.”


          2. Alastair

            Hilariously – the supposed massive increase in USAID support to Ireland (the IFI fund for NI) from zero in 2008 to $29.87 million in 2009, that’s mysteriously attributed to Hillary Clinton, is accounted for by the fact that USAID funding to the IFI followed alternate years. There was no funding in years 2006 ($26.8 million in 2007) and 2010 ($17 million in 2011) as well, and funding actually massively decreased under the Obama/Hillary years.

            Doesn’t really support the Clinton/Irish Aid conspiracy theory, does it?

          3. Alastair

            The Ugandan funds were misappropriated, returned, and subsequently assigned to the intended projects. That’s the reality.

          4. Johnny

            Welcome to the “illusory truth effect,” a glitch in the human psyche that equates repetition with truth.

          5. Alastair

            Repetition is seemingly required when you can’t actually engage with the facts and need to find solace in half-baked (and that’s being generous) political conspiracies from conservative freesheets.

          6. Johnny

            To describe the fraud in Uganda as misappropriation is disengenous and false,repeating it doesn’t change that.

            I’m not taking the bait on Clinton and Irl,it’s small ball and irrelevant to business as usual at Irish Aid,with zero accountability for a 4,000,000 fraud.

            The money was returned after a gun in the form off cutting off all Aid,was put to the govts head.

          7. Alastair

            What exactly is false about calling an instance of misapproprition ‘misappropriation’?

            Bit late to ‘take the bait’ on Clinton – you’re the one who posted up the hilarious propaganda regarding Clinton without any prompting whatsoever. Presumably because you had nothing to support your actual Uganda / slush fund / failed politician spiel. Simply repeating that €4 million was misappropriated and subsequently returned, to be spent on the actual projects is hardly damning. Nor is misrepresenting the Mokoro report, which made clear that the Irish Aid funding to Ugandan projects had: “contributed to some very important inroads into reducing poverty and promoting asset creation, expanding access to social services (including in terms of justice) and generating greater awareness around gender and gender- based violence.”

          8. Alastair

            I’m not struggling at all. The funds were misappropriated, returned, and spent on the intended projects. Money well spent.

  5. filly buster

    anyone who says leave it out with the socks, he’s allowed to have fun. He isn’t. He hasn’t earned it.

  6. Neilo

    Given the number of scolds that populate this place, I’m amazed that anyone ever has any fun.

  7. Joxer

    so he is fine with sitting there promoting a cancer charity that needs to go to the general population to raise money to further research into Cancer, Money that should come from Exchequer into health? Same as the Burton one opening a food bank to feed citizens.Shameless.

    1. Brother Barnabas

      any and every, looks like

      this isn’t bodger’s finest hour. not the real bodger, i suspect.

        1. mildred st. meadowlark


          Say it isn’t so! What foul scallywag would do such a thing?

          (Honestly, the outright chaos this has caused is hilarious.)

  8. mildred st. meadowlark


    They’re on the deathlist now. Watch what you say, or you’ll be next.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      Another mad post from me because there is utter CARNAGE up above.

      I don’t know.

      1. The Old Boy

        It’s like nipping out of a party to buy a pack of cigarettes only to find everything on fire on one’s return.

        1. Brother Barnabas

          sit quietly, don’t get out and don’t touch the handbreak… i’ll be back in a minute

  9. Neilo

    I’m reading many of the civil war posts in Samuel L Jackson’s Jules voice. It makes them even funnier.

    1. Nigel

      My Dearest Emmeline,

      This terrible war has entered its thirtieth dreadful minute. Comment after comment has fallen in this bloody conflict, some comments I have known well and called brother as we stood bravely in the field, our brass reply buttons shining in the morning sun. Now they lie torn and lifeless in the recycle folder, shredded by another bombardment of heavy deletions. I do not know if this comment will live to see the dawn of another day, but know my final thoughts will be of you. Think of me fondly whenever the wind blows sweetly through the grass, and the edit window counts slowly down to infinity,

      Your True Love,

      A Comment

      1. Frilly Keane

        Ah Nidgie
        Naw’ful shame to waste it on us here
        An’ Clampers deep undercover and not able to engage

  10. Brother Barnabas

    imagine how much worse it would have been if anyone had mentioned Averil’s legs

    1. Neilo

      Brother Barnabas’ hobbies include pulling the Devil by the tail and base jumping without a parachute.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      You certainly did. I wish I’d been quicker with the screen grabs.


  11. david

    I am a great believer that the only ones allowed to develop drugs should be the WHO
    Private companies should only be allowed to distribute the drugs and not hold humanity to ransome
    If this was the case I would say there would be a cure for cancer tomorrow
    Massive profits are made in health especially cancer which is a massive earner for the whole industry from drugs to care and keeping the patient alive while draining their assets

  12. jusayinlike

    “Unless you’re a bodger sockpuppet..”

    “Since you’re a bit slow..”

    snipe snipe snipe..

    You don’t realise how smarmy you are, I never said you couldn’t reply, I only inferred you should expect a snappy response and should therefore adjust your outrage..

  13. Ruth

    Some really carping comments here.

    I’ve always been struck by the saintly patience of Broadsheet contributors. If I were running this site I’d moderate most of you relentlessly.

    Still laughing at the fact one of you (could it be Rotide?) put up a Reddit thread about being moderated.

    It would be funny if it wasn’t for the fact that your attitude is clearly upsetting people who have put a tremendous amount of work into this site, which has been hugely beneficial to a wide variety of people.

    Contributors like Bodger do unpaid work in a courteous, kind and sincere way and it’s extremely selfish to treat them so disrespectfully. You should all (including the quislings!) be ashamed of yourselves.

    Happy to debate this with anyone who wants – I really think that the commentariat have shown themselves up here as not deserving of the kindness shown to them by one of the site’s owners – a truly good and kind man.

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