Last night/this morning.

The Metro Hotel and apartment complex, Ballymun,  Dublin 11.

Two fire engines remain at the scene of the blaze which broke out at about 8pm last night, in a private residence above the Metro Hotel.

…The fire started on the building’s 13th floor before spreading to surrounding floors.

It is understood members of Dublin Fire Brigade went through the building, floor by floor to ensure it was fully evacuated.

The brigade’s Chief Fire Officer said that the fire has been extinguished and investigations will begin once the building has been made safe.

Investigation into Dublin hotel fire set to begin (RTE)

Pics; Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews/RTÉ

24 thoughts on “13th Floor

  1. some old queen

    What ever about older buildings, I would be questioning how fire could spread so easily through something that recent.

    1. b

      the comments from DFB seem to suggest that the compartmentalisation of the building worked relatively well in that it didn’t spread upwards. Hopefully that was the case that the building was built well and alarms and evacuation also seemed to be effective. Unfortunately it’s impossible to completely prevent fire spreading in cases when people leave doors and windows open when leaving

      “Mr Fleming confirmed that the flight appeared to start on the 13th floor and also spread to the 10th floor but the building design stopped it reaching the 11th and 12th floors. “It was a well developed fire and we don’t know what the cause is at this stage. While it spread from the 13th to the 10th, the intervening floors were not damaged so compartmentation worked relatively well in the building “There is still a question mark over the spread of the fire from the 13th to the 10th and not the 11th and 12th.”

    2. david

      I think the same question was asked after the Grenfell fire in London
      The answers are quite obvious self regulation is no regulation and greed and Gerry built wiretaps are I would say the norm of Celtic tiger construction
      As usual things will move on and no one brought to book
      Maybe a Charlton enquiry to cleanse all concerned
      Anyone who thinks building high rise death traps is the solution to our property crises must realise if this is an example of them well they cannot be built because people will die and our brave firemen are at risk
      This was a lucky escape and god bless our firemen

      1. ReproBertie

        “if this is an example of them well they cannot be built because people will die”
        Fire containment worked, everyone evacuated safely. If this is an example of them then build on.

    1. b

      i’ve lived in apartments before that were like that – alot of people don’t appreciate why doors have automatic returns and keep the open with stops. Could be a maintenance issue too

    2. david

      A fire dose not spread this quickly by having open doors
      Remember all the apartment blocks that were fire traps and people were ordered to leave

      1. ReproBertie

        The fire spread down to the 10th due to debris falling from the 13th.

        This apartment block was nothing like the ones that fell below the fire safety standards, as evidenced by the way this fire spread and the resulting lack of damage to some floors.

        1. david

          Yes to keep a fire at bay but evidently looking at this fire they might as well of had none
          We are talking about fire separation building materials that are fire proof etc
          Sadly as we have learnt in the past many blocks were not inspected and many were fire traps
          Sadly the greed of developers landed us in a bust economy and a bank debt worth hundreds of billions and many homes Gerry built
          Sadly none of these buildings were inspected when built as we found out with the likes of priory hall
          Maybe you have forgotten these things

  2. H

    From the photo the building appears to be clad with ACM (same stuff as Grenfell Tower) so they are lucky it didn’t spread to the outside of the building if that is the case.

      1. ReproBertie

        Dublin’s chief fire officer has insisted the nature of the fire at the Metro Hotel in Ballymun is not comparable to the Grenfell Tower blaze that killed 71 people last year.

        Speaking at the scene on Thursday morning Patrick Flemming said the UK incident was related to cladding on the building while this was not an issue in the Irish case.

        (From the Irish Times report)

        1. david

          But he did not state the cladding on the outside was the same as Grenfell
          I would say H might be correct
          And if so and the fire spread externally then maybe 150 would be dead because our fire department do not have long enough ladders which was pointed out by a fire officer on the news tonight

      2. david

        Fires do not spread this quickly with all the equipment required
        The examination will shine some light into this
        Goes to show the folly of high rise in a country that is so corrupt and unaccountable

        1. ReproBertie

          How do you know how quickly fires spread?

          From the same Irish Times report – “Reports received so far showed the evacuation protocols and containment measures within the building ensured the fire did not spread.”

          Doesn’t sound jerry-built to me but then I’m not an expert on fires in high rise buildings.

          1. david

            Are you sure you are not from little Leo’s SCUM unit
            Looking at the photos this fire spread
            Across the whole floors higher than the firemen could reach externally
            Disturbing facts emerging now is our fire department do not possess ladders long enough and the fire station think in blanchestown is totally unequipped for high rise fires
            And knowing this developers want to build high rise
            A recipe for disaster
            Look at the photos and especially at the ladder it barely reaches half way up the building

      1. david

        And if this is due to Gerry built I would say these brave men being sent into a death trap
        Sure fair play

    1. Frilly Keane


      and that interview with the Fire Officer on Morning Ireland was Top Class
      like seriously informative and competent
      you’d be left in no doubt that they had your back
      and they knew what they were at
      almost inspiring actually

      unlike the other lads in uniform driving around in neenaws

      1. dav

        in fairness the fire office did thank the Gardaí in their sealing off the area, so credit where it’s due

  3. Jimmy Ireland

    Fire did not spread quickly. Firefighters at scene were happy with the standard of the building and they had boots on the floors within a few hours showing that structurally the building held. Everyone spouting otherwise is clueless and should STFU.

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